‘Charmed’: Why Dorian Gregory Was Cut From the Final Season

It’s not uncommon for characters to get cut from a TV show with little warning, and Charmed was no exception.

Shannen Doherty was the most notable character who left the show, but there were others. Dorian Gregory, who played Inspector Darryl Morris, was written out of the show in the final season for one very important reason.

What is ‘Charmed’ about?

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Charmed was a show in the late ’90s and early 00’s that revolved around three sisters. Rather than starting when they were kids, it began when they were adults. The three sisters find a spellbook and read an incantation aloud without realizing what it was. That’s when they learned they’re three sisters known as ‘the Charmed Ones.’

The show had a Buffy the Vampire Slayer feel it, and it drew in many Buffy fans. Many fans became obsessed with the show because it portrayed the sisters’ lives, and not just the battles they faced. 

Over the years, the sisters fought off various bad guys, all while working full time jobs, running their own businesses, going through relationship problems, and raising kids. When the show came to an end, fans were devastated. Not all of the characters made it to the final episode, however.

Who is Inspector Daryl Morris?

Won-G, Hilary Duff and Dorian Gregory
Won-G, Hilary Duff and Dorian Gregory | Jean-Paul Aussenard/WireImage for Silver Spoon

Inspector Daryl Morris was a cop who learned who the charmed ones were. This took some time for him to get used to, as Morris was a born skeptic, according to Fandom. 

Once Andy Trudeau, his partner died, Morris became an ally of the sisters, and covered for them. After all, if a monster is posing as a human, it’s still suspicious when that ‘human’ dies. 

Because the sisters were connected to so many unsolved cases, Morris was able to protect them. In exchange, he would come to them with help for cases that were beyond his ability to solve.

There have been several occasions over the years when Morris risked his own life and career to help the sisters. He once had to knock his own partner out, and helps cover up a death that then lands him in trouble with the FBI.

The sisters helped Morris get promoted to lieutenant, which went a long way towards helping bring them closer together. Helping the Charmed Ones came with a price, however, and the Cleaners framed Morris for murder.

Even though the Charmed Ones were able to save him, Morris wasn’t too keen to help them anymore, and it left a rift in the group. They did patch things up in the end, but Morris moved to Wood’s Close, New York before the final season began.

Why was he written out of the show in the last season?

While Inspector Morris was a fan favorite, the show made the decision to cut the character due to budget constraints. Screen Rant reports that it pretty much boiled down to the fact it was either his character or the special effects that made the show so popular, and the special effects won out.

Fans would have loved to see Inspector Morris make it through to the end, but probably not at the cost of all those cool magical battles. So while it was a painful decision, it was also an easy one.

Gregory wasn’t the only cast member to get cut from the final season. Brian Krause, who played Leo Wyatt, had his role severely cut back. Because he was such a popular character, he was brought back for the final two episodes. This gave fans some closure as Charmed came to a final end. 

In spite of cutting major characters, the show still had to cut back on special effects, and even had to film on set rather than on location. The show still ended strong, however, and gave viewers the happily ever after they had wished for their favorite Charmed Ones.