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Chase Rice has a new partnership with Coors, and in doing so the country singer is keeping his authenticity.

“It was an easy partnership. It was natural. That’s all I’ve ever done in my whole career. I’ve never wanted to do anything forced,” Rice tells Showbiz Cheat Sheet over the phone.

With the partnership, Rice is helping the Coors brand raise money to support wildland firefighters. To fully embrace the cause, Rice himself took part in firefighter training, and he wants to do his part to spread awareness. Speaking with Showbiz, Rice revealed that his new partnership with Coors Banquet is a personal one, connecting back to his family and music.

Country singer Chase Rice performs on stage
Chase Rice | Kaiser Cunningham

Chase Rice’s partnership with Coors Banquet is ‘a natural fit’

On Aug. 4, Coors Banquet launched its Protect Our Protectors program, which works to support and raise awareness for firefighters in the U.S., particularly as wildfire season rages on.

Rice grew up with his father drinking Coors Banquet, and one day Rice received a photobook from his mother. One of the photos showed Rice’s father “in Wyoming with a cowboy hat on and he’s double-fisting two Coors Banquets.”

Rice adds, “So I’ve always loved that picture.”

That photo of Rice’s father is what kickstarted the conversation between Rice’s team and Coors. Because Rice enjoys traveling out West and being in nature, the partnership with Coors Banquet “was a natural fit” for the singer.

“And then you add in what they’re doing with firefighters, the wildland firefighters out West. And it was even more motivation to work with Coors and my love for the West,” says Rice.

The country singer took part in firefighter training

For the Protect Our Protectors program, Coors Banquet’s Protect Our Protectors limited-edition stubby bottles are available on shelves now. Coors is also partnering with the California-based apparel brand Brixton to make a Protect Our Protectors capsule collection, which is available this month on

Proceeds from the limited-edition Protect Our Protectors stubby bottles and the capsule collection will go to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.

“It’s just about raising awareness, raising money, for the wildland firefighters out West, because there’s a shortage of awareness, there’s a shortage of actual firefighters, and there’s no shortage of fires,” Rice says.

For his partnership with Coors Banquet, Rice traveled to Idaho to take part in firefighter training.

“It’s a lot of intense work. And then all of a sudden, on top of that you have a fire,” Rice tells Showbiz. “You understand real quick how it gets dangerous.”

Chase Rice is working on a new album

On July 29, Rice released a new single called “Key West & Colorado.” The song will be included on his next album, which so far does not have an official title.

“This album was written all the same way as far as me and an acoustic guitar. That’s the one consistency amongst all the songs that are on it,” the singer shares. “It’s just a very, very raw album and very real emotion that you feel when you’re listening to these songs.”

What sets the upcoming album apart from Rice’s previous work? The “quality.”

“First of all, it’s much better, I think. And by better, I mean the quality of the songs that we chose has more depth,” says Rice.


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When to expect Chase Rice’s new album

While it does not have an official release date yet, fans can expect Rice’s new album to be out later in 2022 or sometime early in 2023. Until the album drops, the singer plans to release “three or four songs.”

One thing is certain about Rice’s new album, and that is the album’s cover art.

“I do know the album cover is going to be a picture of my dad double-fisting two Coors Banquets in Wyoming,” Rice reveals. “It means a lot to me. You know, losing my dad when I was 22, this is a good way to honor him with the cover and the music that’s very, very good to go along with that.”

He concludes, “He’d be very proud of it.”