Chelsea Handler Once Told Piers Morgan He’s Terrible At His Job

Piers Morgan is no stranger to controversy, and he’s definitely no stranger to other public figures calling him out for his behavior. His latest criticism of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has reignited criticism of the British TV personality. One person who wasn’t quiet about her thoughts is comedian Chelsea Handler.

Piers Morgan smiling at the camera
Piers Morgan on October 25, 2019, in Beverly Hills, California | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Piers Morgan’s latest controversy

Piers Morgan is no stranger to attracting controversy. The former America’s Got Talent judge has gotten flak for several years about his racist, homophobic, transphobic, and all-around insensitive comments.

His latest controversy involves a frequent target of his: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. After Prince Harry and Meghan’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey aired in the UK, Morgan revived his longtime criticism of who he calls “the Pinocchio Princess” and downplayed her suicidal thoughts and mental health struggles that she spoke about so candidly.

When Morgan came under fire live on the morning talk show Good Morning Britain, he stormed off the set and quit his job on the spot.

Piers Morgan
TV host Piers Morgan seen returning to his West London home on March 10, 2021 in London, England | MWE/GC Images

Chelsea Handler told Piers Morgan what she thought of him years ago

Morgan enjoyed a career on American television for a few years, including a CNN talk show called Piers Morgan Live. Because of the enemies he had made over the years, several celebrities such as Madonna and Kelsey Grammer were banned from the show.

One person who wasn’t afraid to go on the show and give her opinions was comedian and TV personality Chelsea Handler.

In the interview, after they came back on the air from a commercial, Handler chastised Morgan for not speaking with her whenever the show went to a break, instead choosing to look at his phone and ignore his guest sitting a few feet away from him.

“I want viewers to know — I mean, they must know because they’re probably following you on Twitter — you can’t even pay attention for 60 seconds. You’re a terrible interviewer,” Handler told Morgan bluntly.

Morgan replied: “Well, you just weren’t keeping my attention. That’s more an issue for you than me.”

“That’s not my problem,” Handler shot back. “This is your show. You have to pay attention to the guest that you invited on your show.”

Chelsea Handler performs at Chan Centre For The Performing Arts on November 07, 2019
Chelsea Handler | Andrew Chin/Getty Images

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Chelsea Handler’s thoughts about Piers Morgan haven’t changed

The two continued to go back and forth. Morgan insisted he would’ve paid attention to her if she were “interesting enough,” but Handler delivered a biting final blow: “Maybe that’s why your job is coming to an end” — a reference to CNN’s decision a month earlier to cancel Morgan’s show.

Morgan laughed and tried to move on from the subject. He asked what Handler would do if she could relive one moment in her life, to which she snarkily replied, “It would be spending this hour differently.”

When he left Good Morning Britain after his anti-Meghan diatribe, Handler took to Instagram to share a clip from the 2014 interview. She tagged Morgan in the post and gave her honest thoughts about him with the hindsight she has now: “Some a**holes get better, some just stay the same.”