Chelsea Handler Posts a Sweet Image With Her Dog for Pi Day That Has Fans Talking

Chelsea Handler has been known to post some sweet photos of herself with her dogs, and Pi Day was no exception. Read on to see the sweet post Handler uploaded involving one of her dogs. It’s pretty unique, that’s for sure.

What is Pi Day?

Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler | Emma McIntyre/WireImage

Pi Day is March 14 (3/14). It’s celebrated around the world as the celebration of Pi. Pi, or “π” is the symbol used to represent a constant, or the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. This equals out to be about 3.14159. March 14, or 3.14, is the day used to celebrate Pi.

Chelsea Handler celebrates Pi Day with her dog

Handler posted a sweet picture with her dog that has fans talking. She’s lounging in bed with a pizza. Her dog is seen eating a bite from her mother’s piece of pizza and it’s seriously an adorable sight.

Handler captioned the post with: “Apparently it’s #PiDay everyone. And if there was ever a time to eat pizza in bed, it’s now. Just like the mathematical constant, I can rely on Bert and Bernice to ignore my love until I offer them a slice. (#singlemotherhood is a *****).”

Fans react to Handler’s sweet post with her pup

Fans of Handler really loved her sweet post with her dog. Many seem to agree that eating pizza in bed should be the norm.

“I’m literally eating pizza in bed,” an Instagram user said.

Handler wrote back and said: “I support this.”

A number of fans can’t seem to get over Handler’s dog really going for that slice of pizza. “Bernice is totally getting in there….aggressive little *****. I love it. 😂,” another Instagram user wrote.

Handler decided to respond back to this fan as well. “She knows what she wants,” Handler said.

Fans enjoy seeing Handler’s posts in their feed. They are always hilarious and get people talking. “Thank you for blessing my feed,” an Instagram user wrote.

One fan says their dog enjoys people food as well. “Hehe love it, my dog ignores me too until I show up with food – Happy Pi Day 😁,” they said.

Another user thinks Bernice should go after the food if it’s necessary. “That’s right, Bernice….. if you want it, you go for it!! 🤣🧡,” the user wrote.

“I’ll trade my two kids for your bed and Bert and Bernice during this social distancing,” a fan hilariously said.

Another fan totally approves of the way Handler chose to spend Pi Day. “This is the cutest ******* way to spend #PiDay !! I hope you’re having a great day ily 🤍🤍,” someone else wrote.

One user wants to know if that pizza is strictly for the dogs. “That’s strictly pup pie isn’t it??🙌,” they asked.

Chelsea Handler celebrated Pi Day in style with her pup and a delicious pizza in bed. Fans really seemed to enjoy the post and couldn’t help but let Handler know.