Here’s What We Know About Chelsea Peretti’s Return to ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

When a cast member leaves a show, it’s usually a sad occasion — but sometimes, there’s also an aura of ill will between the other actors or the creators of the show. This couldn’t be less true in the case of Chelsea Peretti, former star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. As promised, the comedic actress is popping back up on the NBC hit series. Here’s what we know about her return.

Chelsea Peretti as Gina Linetti
“Return of the King” Episode 614 — Pictured: Chelsea Peretti as Gina Linetti | John P. Fleenor/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Peretti was an original member of the cast

Peretti and her character, Gina Linetti, have been around since Day 1. Gina is an administrative assistant at the 99th Precinct, later becoming Captain Holt’s personal assistant. She’s an astute observer of human behavior, along with being very pop culture savvy and occasionally almost clairvoyant. Gina is childhood friends with her co-worker, Jake Peralta, which mirrors the friendship of actors Peretti and Andy Samberg.

She exited Brooklyn Nine-Nine this season

Peretti was a regular on Brooklyn Nine-Nine until this season. She announced her exit from the show in Oct. 2018, before the series returned for Season 6 (its first on NBC). However, this isn’t the first time that she took time away from the show — Peretti was absent for much of Season 5 due to her real-life pregnancy, which was written into the series. Peretti’s final episode as a series regular was “Four Movements,” in which she realizes she needs to quit her job at the precinct and move on to bigger things.

Melissa Fumero announced her return on Twitter

Peretti always said that her exit didn’t mean that she would never return for occasional episodes, and now, we’re seeing that firsthand. Melissa Fumero (who plays Amy Santiago) announced on Twitter that she is directing the upcoming episode “Return of the King,” and Peretti will be back as Gina.

What will her episode be about?

Given the title, it looks like there will be a major plot around Gina. Throughout the course of the series, Gina had many ideas, some of which were great (while others less so). In “Four Movements,” she talks about wanting to explore some of these ideas — and it looks like she’s done just that.

In the above trailer, we see Gina drawing more comparisons between herself and her idol, Beyoncé. She’s the leader of the G-Hive, which, knowing the character, could mean anything from an app or platform that she’s created to an actual cult. We’ll have to find out on Thursday.

Here’s what Peretti has been up to since leaving the show

Though we haven’t seen the actress on screen, Peretti has definitely not been slacking since leaving Brooklyn Nine-Nine. According to her IMDb, she has three films in the works: Friendsgiving and Spinster, both of which are thought to be in post-production, and she’s filming The Photograph, in which she stars opposite LaKeith Stanfield. This is all in addition to continuing to do stand-up comedy. So all things considered, we’re pretty lucky to be getting her back for an episode.

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