Cher Criticized Over George Floyd Tweet: ‘There’s Still Time to Delete This’

The trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd has been difficult for many people to watch. Since its start on March 29, there’s been a lot of emotional testimony from witnesses and graphic images of Floyd’s final moments, including the viral video of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for several minutes. The trial has attracted the attention of even celebrities, including Cher, but Cher’s George Floyd tweet isn’t going over well with some people.

Cher in a publicity shoot in 1979.
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What Cher’s George Floyd tweet said

Cher has been live-tweeting the trial, starting on March 30 when she revealed she’d cried over the footage.

“Any Human Being Can See Derek Chauvin Digging His Knee Into George’s NECK, For 9+ Mins. Until Chauvin Crushed The Life Out Of Can See CHAUVIN,” she wrote in part. ” … The Look On His Face As He Dug His Knee In2 George’s Neck Was Devoid Of Emotion. He Didn’t Care. He Had The Weight Of His Body On The Neck Of a Fellow Human Being (Calling 4 His Mom)For 9+Min As He Crushed The Life Out Him. Ppl Cried Out ‘Stop.’ I Cried.”

She continued on to say she felt “So Unbelievably Sad For The Brave Ppl Who Stood Their Ground To Bear Witness,& Chronicle The Murder Of George Floyd For All The World To See. 😔 These Were Americans Who Didn’t/Couldn’t Walk Away From a Fellow Human Being Having His Last Breath…Crushed Out Of His Body 🙏🙏.”

She also mentioned, during a chat with her mother, she said she wished she’d been present to help diffuse the situation. “I Said ‘Mom,I Know This Is Gonna Sound CRAZY,But.. I Kept Thinking …..Maybe If I’d Been There,…I Could’ve Helped,'” she wrote.

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Cher’s reaction is one that many people had, but there were some who took issue with that last tweet, as there were plenty of bystanders who’d tried to diffuse the situation but were ultimately unable to.

Read the reactions to Cher’s George Floyd tweet

Taking to the comment section, one Twitter user said, “This is significantly underplaying what witnesses who testified TRIED to do to stop his death. There have been MULTIPLE testimonies of everyone from a firefighter to an MMA fighter to a senior man who attempted to diffuse the situation. Singing songs doesn’t erase racism, Cher.”

“it’s the [white] saviour complex for me,” another person said, “there’s still time to delete this…”

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However, some took up for Cher, calling her an ally and saying she likely didn’t mean harm by her tweet.

“Stop! Y’all are attacking the humanity of another human being?! She shared something that every damn one of us has felt, watching George Floyd’s life so blatantly discarded…another human being. Seriously!” one person wrote.

“Everyone is asking…..How she could have helped or what she would have done … If she could turn back time…. She could find a way #CHER,” read another tweet, playing off her song “If I Could Turn Back Time.”

Showbiz Cheat Sheet reached out to representatives for Cher for comment on her tweet and the ensuing criticism but did not hear back by the time of publication.

On one hand, it’s understandable why some people were a little put off by the tweet. But at the same time, there are so many who wish there was another outcome, so it’s no surprise Cher felt that way too.