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These days it seems like everyone has a story about Ellen DeGeneres being rude behind the scenes. Though there are enough similar stories to assume there’s some truth to them, ultimately no one knows what really happened. The only “mean Ellen” stories we can trust are the ones captured on air.

And there are plenty of those to go around. From the 62-year-old comedian heckling her celebrity guests about their relationships to deliberately mispronouncing their names, DeGeneres has been trolling her guests for years now. And the proof is all on video — including the time Cher dished it back and called DeGeneres a “b*tch” during the show.

Ellen DeGeneres always teases her guests on the show

Cher and Ellen DeGeneres
Cher and Ellen DeGeneres | Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect

Anyone who watched The Ellen DeGeneres show already knows that good-natured teasing is part of the show host’s typical repertoire. She frequently asks A-list stars exceedingly personal questions that border on invasive. DeGeneres appears to have zero boundaries which helps make her show so popular — deep down, audience members want to know the answers, too.

Many celebs laugh at themselves and at DeGeneres during the exchanges. But occasionally the Ellen host goes too far, prompting an angry response. There was the time Taylor Swift screamed at DeGeneres for probing the singer on her dating past. And then there was the time legendary performer Cher flat-out called Ellen a name while being teased.

Things got weird when Cher appeared on ‘The Ellen Show’

The so-called “Goddess of Pop” has spent decades cementing her status as one of the most well-known, timeless entertainers in history. Cher visited the set of Ellen to discuss her upcoming tour in 2018. The singer sat through a strange karaoke rendition of DeGeneres performing her 1989 classic, “If I Could Turn Back Time” while dressed in a sailor outfit.

Later in the segment, Cher and DeGeneres play a game called “5 Second Rule” which requires them to answer questions quickly, Too Fab reported.

“Name three celebrities you’d want to do a duet with,” Ellen show DJ tWitch said to Cher.

“Adele, P!nk – and…not Madonna!” she said right before the buzzer sounded. The audience loved it.

Cher clapped back at Ellen DeGeneres

Next, tWitch asked DeGeneres a quick question.

“Ellen, name three things that turn you on,” tWitch said.

“Music, sweetness and chocolate,” DeGeneres replied before quickly correcting herself, saying chocolate wasn’t truly a turn-on for her. “I just made that up so I’d win,” DeGeneres continued. “Does chocolate turn anybody on?”

Cher raised her hand in response. “I love it. I don’t get it much, but I love chocolate and cake,” she said.

“You eat chocolate, and you’re like, in the mood?” DeGeneres continued.

“No, no,” Cher replied. “It’s like, I don’t get to have chocolate. I’m working on my body, and I just don’t… I have chocolate, I’m lying.”

“And then it turns you on?” DeGeneres pressed.

“No, it doesn’t turn me on!” Cher said in exasperation. “I didn’t mean it in that way. B*tch.”  Everyone laughed, including the host and Cher, but that doesn’t mean Cher was totally kidding.

There aren’t many celebrities willing to call out DeGeneres on her teasing, even when she takes it to the extreme in front of an audience. Clearly she underestimated Cher’s capacity for honesty and truly not caring what people think of her.