Cher Once Admitted That She’s ‘Not a Cher Fan’

Cher has fans of all ages from across the globe, but she’s missing one key person: herself. On several occasions, the musician has admitted that she’s not her biggest fan. She shared her reasoning while also asserting that she has no plans of stopping her career. 

Cher wears a black jacket and speaks into a microphone.
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Cher has always been bracingly honest

From the time she began her career, Cher has never been afraid to talk about herself. In the 1970s, she co-hosted the variety shows The Sonny & Cher Comedy HourCher, and The Sonny and Cher Show. All three programs featured comedy sketches, musical acts, and celebrity guest stars. While she hosted two of these shows with husband — and then ex-husband — Sonny Bono, Cher was a solo effort.

In this series, Cher would sometimes take questions from the audience. In this segment, she never shirked away from the truth. She answered questions about her weight, dating life, and embarrassing moments without a hint of hesitation.

The legendary singer says she’s no huge fan of herself

The honesty that Cher demonstrated early in her life has remained omnipresent for the rest of her career. On Twitter, the singer routinely shares her unfiltered opinion. She has also spoken honestly about her career. In an interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Colbert asked her favorite song from her catalog. 

“This is so hard,” she started, “Because even though I’m not a huge Cher fan and everybody knows that…”

“Wait, hold the phone,” Colbert said. “You’re not a Cher fan?”

“Not so much,” she said. 

She shared a similar opinion in an earlier interview with Maria Shriver for Today.

“I’ve never really been in love with Cher,” she explained. “She’s all right, but it’s like I’m not a huge fan.”

With Colbert, she admitted her early singing voice is part of what makes listening to old music difficult.

“I wasn’t a good singer in the beginning, and that’s why it’s hard for me to hear those songs,” she explained.

Still, she said that she feels proud of at least one modern album. After acting in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, she released an album covering ABBA songs.

“I’m pretty proud of the Mamma Mia album, even though people kind of scoffed,” she said. “But I think I did a good job of interpreting the songs.”

Cher still has no plans of slowing down

Despite being her own harshest critic, Cher says that no part of her wants to slow down. When she turned 70, she said she had a hard time accepting her age.

“I look in the mirror, and I see this old lady looking back at me — I have no idea how she got there,” she said. “If I put 70 candles on my cake, I would blow my brains out, you know?”

Because of this, she wants to embrace her talent and continue working.

“I say you have to be like a bumper car and you hit the wall, and you back up, and you go a different way — and then you go at the wall again,” Cher said. “The only thing I know is not to give up. I don’t know anything else.”

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