How Cher and Saweetie Became Friends: ‘Now She Comes to Dinner’

Cher and Saweetie seem like an unlikely pair. For MAC’s “Challenge Accepted” campaign though, these artists appeared together and even enjoyed dinner after. Here’s what we know about these musicians and what they had to say about working with one another. 

Cher and Saweetie partnered with MAC Cosmetics for the ‘Challenge Accepted’ Campaign

Singer Cher speaks on stage during the 45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards wearing all black with black hair
Singer Cher speaks on stage during the 45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards | Ethan Miller/ACMA2010/Getty Images for ACMA

In addition to working on Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again and creating the Dancing Queen album, Cher recently partnered with the cosmetics company MAC, starring in an advertising campaign alongside the rap artist Saweetie. For Saweetie, that was a particularly sentimental project because of Cher’s presence. 

“I was so honored to partner with a legend like Cher and a brand I’ve always loved like Mac. It was the perfect fit,” Saweetie said in a statement, according to Variety. “Cher’s regal energy is so contagious, so being alongside her in Challenge Accepted has been an unforgettable experience.”

With MAC boasting waterproof formulas, in conjunction with the “Challenge Accepted” campaign, these musical icons asked ​​makeup fans to test their products against sweat, water, cold temperatures, and bad weather.

Cher and Saweetie are close friends, even enjoying dinner together

Saweetie and Cher had not met each other before their collaboration on the MAC campaign. Since working together, though, these artists became close friends. Cher even said that the two sometimes enjoy dinner. 

“I never met her, but I saw a video, and I liked her essence,” Cher said during an interview with People. “We got along really well. Now she comes to dinner!”


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Saweetie often collaborates with other artists for songs like ‘Swan Song’ and ‘Best Friend’

When it comes to music, Saweetie often collaborates with other artists. The artist performed “Swan Song” with NIKI on Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: The Album, released in conjunction with Marvel’s original film. One of her most popular songs, “Best Friend,” was created with the Grammy-nominated artist Doja Cat

Saweetie also appeared in several advertising campaigns outside of her work with MAC. The “Best Friend” rapper partnered with Beats to promote the Beats Fit Pro. Saweetie even worked with McDonald’s to bring the “Saweetie Meal” to several fast food locations. 

As a legendary artist, Cher is often considered a pioneer for starring in infomercials and ad campaigns, partnering with brands decades before it became the norm. 

“I paid a big price for doing [the infomercials]. I took so much heat from that, really … [now] things have changed completely,” she said during the People interview. “You keep going and that’s the challenge. Things don’t always go right and you have to be willing to just put yourself out there, put your a** on the line, put a big target on it, and then keep going.”

Music by Cher and Saweetie is available on most major streaming platforms.