Cher Thought Her Iconic Duet With Sonny Bono Was ‘a Stupid Song’ When She First Heard It

Cher has released many hit songs throughout her lengthy music career. But it turns out that not all of the tracks she’s recorded are her favorite.

During a recent interview, the music legend discussed some of her most iconic songs, sharing how she really feels about the ones she’s most known for. Though she named a few to be her favorite, Cher revealed that some of her music catalog didn’t impress her at first listen, including her iconic “I Got You Babe” duet with ex-husband Sonny Bono.

Cher and Sonny Bono
Cher and Sonny Bono posing together for a portrait | CBS Photo Archive

Cher says she isn’t a fan of herself

On Apr. 20, Cher appeared on an episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, where she shared how she really feels about her iconic songs.

When Colbert asked if any of her chart-toppers are her favorite, Cher revealed that she actually isn’t a fan of herself.

“This is so hard because even though I’m not a huge Cher fan and everybody knows that…” the singer said before Colbert interjected, “Hold the phone, you’re not a Cher fan?” 

“Not so much,” she confessed, smiling. 

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Cher then went on to admit that she’s “done some good things” over the years. She even listed a few songs that she’s the most proud of.

“‘Song for the Lonely’ I think is my favorite song and I’m pretty proud of the Mamma Mia [cover] album, even though people kind of scoffed,” she shared. “But I think I did a good job of interpreting the songs.” 

Cher admits she didn’t like ‘I Got You Babe’ when she first heard it

Cher, who has been singing since she was a teenager, told Colbert that “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” is another one of her favorites. However, she noted that her early body of work is a bit cringe-worthy.

“I wasn’t a good singer in the beginning,” she said, “and that’s why it’s hard for me to hear those songs.”

When Colbert mentioned her classic tracks such as “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” and “I Got You Babe,” Cher said the latter “has a place of honor all on its own.”

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She did, however, confess that when she first heard the song, she wasn’t that impressed. 

“Sonny used to wake me up in the middle of the night and say, ‘Come in here, I want you to sing this.’ And he could only play like two, three chords, five chords I don’t remember,” Cher recalled.

“So he woke me up and he said, ‘OK, sing this’ and he started to play ‘I Got You Babe,'” she continued. “I said, ‘This is a stupid song, I’m going back to bed.'”

As Colbert pointed out, the legendary singer eventually ate her words because “I Got You Babe” went on to become the quintessential Sonny and Cher track, changing the trajectories of their lives and careers.