Cheryl Burke Disagrees With Derek Hough’s Score in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Semi-Finals, Says Each Judge Wants Something Different

Cheryl Burke and Cody Rigsby are going to the Dancing with the Stars Season 30 finale. Burke has not performed with a celebrity in the finale since season 17 when she danced with Jack Osbourne. Plus, it could be her first Mirrorball win since DWTS Season 3. 

But while she was reveling in the shock of making it through the semi-finals, Burke opened up on her podcast about the Dancing with the Stars judges‘ scores in the Nov. 15 episode. Here’s what she had to say about their scoring patterns this season, plus he thoughts on Derek Hough’s eight. 

Derek Hough; Cheryl Burke with Cody Rigsby as they receive the judges' scores for their redemption Salsa on 'Dancing with the Stars'
Derek Hough; Cheryl Burke & Cody Rigsby | Christopher Willard via Getty Images

Derek Hough gave Cody Rigsby’s redemption salsa an 8

During the Dancing with the Stars semi-finals, Rigsby and Burke performed a redemption Salsa. Working with judge Bruno Tonioli, Rigsby was asked to give a performance that showcased “more hip action.” 

Ultimately, Rigsby and Burke earned a total of 35 points for their redemption dance. Hough gave them an 8, while Tonioli, Carrie Ann Inaba, and head judge Len Goodman gave the performance a 9. “I do not believe Cody deserves an 8,” Burke says in the “Dancing In The Finals!!!” episode of the Pretty Messed Up podcast.

“That was a really hard and fast dance … honestly except one little slip-up — a missing hand connection — he kept going regardless” she continues. “I think he deserved more than an 8.” 

‘Dancing with the Stars’ judges each want something different in season 30, according to Cheryl Burke 

In season 29, Burke shared her thoughts on the Dancing with the Stars judges, who she felt might have needed a refresher on the show’s structure. “It’s not as much about the show or me getting older as much as it is this frustration that AJ [McLean] has mentioned,” she said in another episode of the podcast. “It’s about is this show still the show I signed up for?” 

Burke, who has a background in ballroom dance, felt like her ballroom experience was losing its value because the DWTS judges shifted their focus in season 29. Now, she’s having similar feelings in season 30. 

“I just feel like the judges all want to see something different,” Burke continues in the “Dancing In The Finals!!!” episode. She mentions the specific things each judge pays attention to: Inaba likes to see chemistry, Tonioli wants hip action in every dance, while Goodman and Hough wish to see traditional ballroom moves.

Cheryl Burke is grateful for Peloton fans voting in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 30 

During that same episode, Burke talks about Hough’s low score and how it may have upset Rigsby’s Peloton fans, inspiring them to vote more. “I’m grateful to the Peloton community,” Burke says. 

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Burke attributes a majority of her and Rigsby’s success this season to his Peloton followers. “Honestly, if we were ever in that bottom two and it was up to the judges, we would have been sent home in week 3,” she concludes. 

Can Burke and Rigsby win the Mirrorball Trophy? Watch the #BooCrew perform a fusion and freestyle dance during the Dancing with the Stars Season 30 finale on Nov. 22 at 8 PM ET.