‘Chicago Fire’: 1 Couple Might Be Headed Down the Aisle, Showrunner Spills

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been hard enough. Thankfully, fans of Chicago Fire are finally going to get their favorite show back. Although a lot of shows are premiering later thanks to the pandemic, fall television isn’t completely lost. Chicago Fire’s new season premiered on November 11th, and fans can’t wait to see what happens to the firehouse crew this season. The show’s producer, Derek Haas, spoke with TV Line and teased an exciting season, including some possible good news for Stella and Severide. 

(L-R) Taylor Kinney as Lt. Kelly Severide, Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd leaning over a counter, looking at each other
(L-R) Taylor Kinney as Lt. Kelly Severide, Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd | Adrian Burrows/Getty Images

Stella and Severide are always there for each other 

Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide seem like the perfect couple. They’re truly ride or die for each other, which is important in their line of work. Their relationship is so popular that fans have even coined a cute nickname for the couple: Stellaride, a combination of both of their names. The two characters met during training at the academy, and although Severide at least felt sparks fly early on, their relationship didn’t start right away. In fact, Stella was married to someone else. 

That couldn’t stop Severide, however. Even though Stella was already taken, he tried his best to win her over, but they remained friends for a while. That friendship served as a great foundation for their romantic relationship. Both were super supportive as friends, and now that they’re together, that support is only stronger. Although in the past Severide has been the one needing support from Stella, at the end of last season fans got to see the roles reverse. When Stella needs help and support, Severide knows all the right things to say, too. 

Stella and Severide’s relationship isn’t without turmoil 

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These two may seem like the perfect couple, but there have been bumps in the road. Stella was married when they met, and her relationship with her ex has complicated their relationship in the past. In fact, Stella’s ex-husband, Roger Grant, even got violent with Severide. He was still in love with Stella, and she was clearly conflicted about her feelings for him. That conflict led Severide to break up temporarily. 

For his part, Severide has women coming after him as well. His ex-girlfriend Renne Royce tried to kiss him in the season six episode “The Unrivaled Standard.” Although his ex-partner Wendy Seager also tried to make a move on him, Severide was firm in his rebuff. Wendy wasn’t as forward as Renne, and there was no bad blood between her and Stella, despite Severide’s rejection. The two women would later go on to work together on Girls on Fire, a group of female firefighters who visit schools to inspire children. 

Will Stella and Severide get engaged?

Stellaride has outlasted a number of challenges. Both Stella and Severide are romantic people, and want a family. So will these two finally get engaged in season nine? Showrunner Derek Haas isn’t saying, but he did drop a big hint. When Haas was asked if the two are going tie the knot, he replied, “I think they should take that next step at some point. Don’t you?” 

The actors who play Stella and Severide, Miranda Rae Mayo and Taylor Kinney, might not need marriage to strengthen their bond. According to Mayo, “My hunch is that if these two do get married, it’s, like, while they’re on vacation. I think that they’re a lot more spontaneous and in the moment,” according to TV Line. Even though Mayo and Kinney don’t see a big church wedding for these two characters, Severide has made it clear he sees himself with Stella for the rest of his life. In the season eight episode “The Infection: Part 1,” Severide tells Stella he sees himself dying as “an old man, in bed, with our kids and grandkids and you surrounding me.”