‘Chicago Fire’: A Creepy Man Harasses the team and Herrmann Makes a Love Connection

Chicago Fire is back for Season 11 Episode 7 (titled “Angry Is Easier”). Severide, Kidd, and the rest of the team encounter a heckler and Herrmann helps two people find love. Here’s what happened last time on Chicago Fire.

Joe is worried about the adoption process

The cast of Chicago Fire stands together during an episode.
Chicago Fire cast | Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC via Getty Images

During Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 7 (titled “Angry Is Easier”), Joe (played by Joe Minoso) is upset because his adoption application was put on hold. He explains to Herrmann (played by David Eigenberg) that Leon, his brother, came up in a gang database. Leon was working undercover, and Joe tried to explain that, but the situation still looks bad.

Every time the phone rings, Joe gets nervous, thinking it’s the adoption agency. However, most of the time, it’s just a robocall. At the end of the episode, Joe gets a call. He gets the news he’s been waiting for. The adoption went through.

Herrmann helps with making a love connection

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Herrmann connects with John, a man he met during a car accident rescue. John tells him about meeting a woman at college named Catherine. He lost contact with her, and he desperately wants to reconnect. While the man is in the ambulance, he asks Herrmann if he can find the woman and tell her how much he cares for her.

Herrmann is hesitant about contacting Catherine because as far as he knows, she’s married. He doesn’t want to create an awkward situation. However, Brett (played by Kara Killmer) and Ritter (played by Daniel Kyri) feel Catherine might want to know about John’s condition since they were friends. After Ritter does a Google search, he finds Catherine. He discovers she’s a high school music teacher and she’s divorced. After Herrmann reaches out, Catherine and John connect at the hospital and rekindle their relationship.

A creepy man harasses the team

During the car accident rescue, a man named Edgar Weston was lurking near the scene. He gave Carver (played by Jake Lockett) and the paramedics a hard time. At one point, he got too close, and Carver had to tell him to step behind the tape they used to block off the area. Edgar spent most of his time harassing the paramedics and firefighters. He heckled Carver, saying, “You’re playing around with tape while there’s people over there in danger. You’re a real hero, huh?”

At one point, Edgar told a patient being treated by Violet (played by Hanako Greensmith) and Brett that he might want to get a second opinion about his injuries. Carver was so distracted by Edgar that he missed a car driving through the accident scene. The car ran over a hose and caused an air bottle to go airborne.  

Later in the episode, while Gallo (played by Alberto Rosende) and Violet are walking out of the firehouse, they see Edgar. He stares at them from across the street, and then he gets into his car and drives off. He shows up again during the next shift. Chief Boden (played by Eamonn Walker) has a talk with him and warns him not to threaten his firefighters. However, Edgar follows the fire trucks when they leave the firehouse to respond to a call.

The police show up to the call and take Edgar away. Boden finds out Edgar has been harassing them because he blames them for his father’s death. His father died during a tent fire they responded to. Violet has a talk with him and tells him that he can’t go around looking for someone to blame. She says she knows he’s grieving but his behavior isn’t going to make the pain go away, and he has to give it time.

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