‘Chicago Fire’: Greg Grainger Could Be Leaving Firehouse 51 But Fans Might Find Him Elsewhere In Chicago

Over the years, Chicago Fire has been getting more and more popular. Fans love watching this cast of characters develop and interact, progress through their careers, and of course, fight fires through the course of the nine seasons that have aired so far. On top of this, as new characters and new actors come to the show, fans quickly grow attached to the new additions to the fire department. That being said, how long actors can be on a show is highly dependent on variables like the actor’s schedule and personal life. When new characters, like the recent addition to Chicago Fire Greg Grainger, show up on beloved shows, it, therefore, can help them in new ventures, as fans will follow the actors to other projects. So will Greg Grainger be staying? And if not, will he stay within the same franchise?

Jon-Michael Ecker in front of a fire truck
Jon-Michael Ecker as Lieutenant Greg Grainger | Adrian S. Burrows Sr./Getty Images

Greg Grainger joined the firehouse in season 9

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Chicago Fire focuses on Firehouse 51 in Chicago. Greg Grainger was introduced in the ninth season of the show as a temporary replacement for Lieutenant Christopher Hermann while Hermann went on vacation, and planned to return to Firehouse 40 upon Hermann’s return. However, Grainger’s new placement caused tension within the show: both Grainger and another character, Matthew Casey, have a romantic interest in the same woman, Sylvie Brett

Due to the fact that, in universe, Grainger is a temporary replacement for another firefighter, it seems like Grainger won’t be on the show for much longer. However, there is a significant amount of interest in his character, so fans might not have to watch him leave just yet.

Jon-Michael Ecker has been in several TV shows before ‘Chicago Fire’

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Greg Grainger is played by Jon-Michael Ecker, a Brazilian American actor who, surprisingly, got his start on Mexican TV. He held roles in various telenovelas, and his first leading role was on a show called Popland!, and held a major role on Gossip Girl: Acapulco. His first major role in English-language media was on Queen of the South, itself an adaptation of a popular telenovela.

He joined Chicago Fire in 2021. During the very same year, he also took on a major role in the Netflix original drama Firefly Lane. He’s only had one film role so far, in a Mexican biopic entitled Cantinflas, but it looks like Ecker has a long career in acting ahead of him.

Greg Grainger leaving Firehouse 51 doesn’t mean he’s out of the franchise

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Fans have been wondering if Greg Grainger will be continuing on the show. Right now it’s unclear, and the writers themselves aren’t exactly sure what’s going to happen to Grainger. However, in a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Derek Haas discussed certain characters, including Grainger:

He’s been great, and I would not dismiss him out of hand. I could see him having a long life on Chicago Fire, so that’s for us to figure out. As the world keeps turning, we’re always looking for people like Jon, who has such a rabid fanbase. He’s really been awesome. I love watching him work and what he brings. I have a funny feeling if we don’t find a place for him on Chicago Fire soon, he’s going to be the star of some other show. He has a great vibe and so much charisma.

So fans of this new character don’t have to worry too much! He might not be on Chicago Fire as much, but it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Grainger within the many other Chicago shows.