‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10: Randy Flagler Revealed Capp’s Secret Talent in Episode 12

Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 12 brought back an event that hasn’t been seen in a long time. In this episode, fans saw the CFD Gala return, but not everyone at Firehouse 51 was invited. The gala was officers only because of Covid restrictions, so Sylvie Brett suggests an “alt gala.” At the event, Capp reveals that he has a secret talent.

Capp sits on the stairs in his fireman gear smiling. Randy Flagler reveals Capp's secret talent in Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 12.
Randy Flagler as Capp in ‘Chicago Fire’ | Elizabeth Morris/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Capp is portrayed by Randy Flagler in ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10

Randy Flagler has portrayed Harold Capp in Chicago Fire since season 1. Flagler is an actor from Overland Park, KS who has also appeared in Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. Flagler has been acting for decades and is known for his role in the films The Double and Men of Honor, according to IMDb.

In Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 12, Brett, Gallo, Ritter, and Violet plan to use Molly’s Bar for their alt gala and get a live band. Capp suggests some kids down the street from him who play music in their garage and books them for the gig. Gallo and Ritter initially plan on ditching the party at Molly’s for an “alt alt party,” but they stay once Capp reveals his hidden talent.

Flagler revealed Capp’s hidden talent at the alt party

At the alt party, the group Capp booked introduces themself as Jackson Doesn’t Like Bananas. They begin to play and the crew at Firehouse 51 are shocked to discover that Capp is the drummer in the band. It seems that Tony knew about Capp’s talent as he turns around wearing a “Jackson Doesn’t Like Bananas” t-shirt.

It turns out that Flagler plays the drums too, though on Twitter he modestly states that he only “kind of plays the drums.” After the episode aired, Flagler posted a kind shoutout to the rest of the musicians in the episode.

“Last night’s #ChicagoFire episode featured Capp playing drums with 3 talented teenage musicians. Eliza @eliza.lampert , Col @cj_chin287 , and Vincent @vincent_molden_music , it was so nice meeting you all & hanging with you & an utter blast playing with you. Each of you are incredibly talented musicians and I admire your commitment & musical expression. Keep rocking on,” Flagler wrote on Instagram.

Wolf Entertainment also posted an interesting tidbit on Twitter about the song Jackson Doesn’t Like Bananas played. “The actors cast to play in the band are real-life musicians! We scheduled rehearsals for @randyflagler and the rest of the band to practice their rock & roll before filming. The song they’re playing, “Evanston,” was written by #ChicagoFire showrunner Derek Haas!” the Tweet said.

Fans want to see more of Capp in ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10

Capp is a beloved character, but he doesn’t always get a lot of screen time. Plenty of fans would like to see more of him in Chicago Fire Season 10. “He’s a steady team member and comforting to see him in the background, would be great to let him have another big storyline though,” a fan wrote on Reddit.

“He needs more screentime I’d love to see his home life,” another fan commented. Hopefully, fans will get more Capp storylines in the future.

Chicago Fire Season 10 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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