‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10: Will Violet Choose Gallo or Chief Hawkins?

Chicago Fire Season 10 introduced a new character to the cast. Chief Hawkins is only a recurring character, but it definitely seems like Violet Mikami has caught his eye. This could cause some drama later in the season. There are obviously some complicated feelings between Violet and Gallo. The fall finale saw Gallo break things off with Kara, but he didn’t get to express his feelings to Violet. Will she end up with Hawkins if Gallo doesn’t act fast?

Hanako Greensmith as Violet in Chicago Fire Season 10. Violet is smiling and wearing a black and white dress shirt.
Hanako Greensmith as Violet in ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10 | Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

Violet and Gallo have a complicated relationship throughout ‘Chicago Fire’

Things have never been straightforward for Violet and Gallo. The pair were introduced in season 8 as rivals from the fire academy. Their arguing clearly has some flirtation behind it, and the pair end up hooking up. They enter into a kind of open relationship, but jealousies cause them to eventually break up.

Violet and Gallo are eventually able to become friends, though there are clearly still some feelings between the two. In Chicago Fire Season 10, Violet is obviously jealous when Gallo starts dating Kara. He breaks things off with Kara in the fall finale and prepares to tell Violet how he feels about her. Unfortunately, the pair keep getting interrupted.

Will Violet end up with Gallo or Chief Hawkins?

Fans have noticed Chief Hawkins showing interest in Violet in Chicago Fire Season 10. In the episode “What Happened at Whiskey Point,” Violet collapses in front of Hawkins due to her appendix bursting. Hawkins tends to Violet and even rides with her to the hospital, to Gallo’s dismay.

In “Winterfest,” Sylvie Brett tells Violet that Hawkins made sure Violet got the best room in the hospital and checked on her multiple times. At the end of the episode, there seems to be a bit of a flirty edge to Violet and Hawkins’ conversation, at least on Hawkins’ end.

Jimmy Nicholas as Chief Hawkins in Chicago Fire Season 10. Hawkins sits at a desk with a pen and paper. He is wearing a white shirt and a tie and smiling.
Jimmy Nicholas as Chief Hawkins in ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10 | Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

However, it could be that Hawkins is just the obstacle Gallo needs to step up and take a relationship with Violet seriously. Violet actor Hanako Greensmith has hinted to Fangirlish that her character and Gallo could be an end game pair, calling the relationship between the two, “a very wonderful, surprising, and yet unsurprising thing.”

It “makes so much sense when you really look at these characters why they’re kind of attracted to one another, why it somehow strangely works and it doesn’t, at the same time,” Greensmith continued.

Will Chief Hawkins return in ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10?

So far, Hawkins is only a recurring character in Chicago Fire Season 10. It’s not clear whether Hawkins will ever become a series regular, but it’s definitely likely that he will be back in 2022. If Violet and Gallo really are meant to get together, Hawkins could be the push the couple needs.

Hawkins has been doing some light flirting with Violet, and Gallo has definitely taken notice. Gallo might finally commit to Violet, now that he notices she has caught the eye of another man.

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