‘Chicago Fire’ Season 11 Episode 1 Recap: Did Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett Break Up?

Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 1 was full of surprises. There were a lot of changes among the Firehouse 51 couples. Here’s what happened during the Chicago Fire Season 11 premiere.

(Warning: Spoilers ahead for Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 1.)

Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd find themselves in a dangerous situation

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Severide and Kidd are enjoying their honeymoon at the cabin when they hear a noise. Severide is alarmed when he sees the door handle moving. He puts a chair against the door, but this isn’t enough.

Someone shoots through the door and charges in. Severide and Kidd run to the back entrance and escape, but the intruder sees them and starts shooting. It’s revealed the intruder is Thomas Campbell. Severide and Stella start running. Campbell catches up to Stella and is about to shoot her, but Severide stabs him with a fishing spear and stops him from hurting her.

Suddenly, the detective working on the case pulls up to the scene. Severide is in shock. He can’t believe he showed up when he did.

Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey are on the rocks

Brett (played by Kara Killmer) is unsure about her relationship with Casey. She tells Violet it’s been more than a week since she and Casey have spoken. She says she enjoyed her time with him in Portland and it was great that he came to Severide and Kidd’s wedding, but there was a “sadness” hanging over his visit. Sylvie thinks this could be the end for them. “Long distance is hard, but someday soon it will get better,” says Violet.

Kyle, Brett’s ex-fiancé, visits the firehouse. At first, it looks like he’s interested in rekindling their romance, but that’s not what’s going on. Kyle invites her to brunch, and he tells her some big news—he’s engaged. Brett looks disappointed when she hears Kyle’s good news.

Later in the episode, Violet and Hawkins show up at the bar hand-in-hand. They look in love and happy. When Brett sees them together, it reminds her of how things haven’t been going well with Casey. Although Brett just arrived at the bar, she leaves after seeing the happy couple. She tells the group she has to “take care of something.”
At the end of the episode, we see Brett on the phone. She’s talking Casey and crying. This looks like a breakup call.

“I know,” says Brett. “Our stars just didn’t align. That’s all. The timing just wasn’t right. But Matt, maybe someday…” Her sentence trails off. We’re guessing Brett is breaking things off and saying that maybe someday they’ll get back together if the timing is right.

Violet and Hawkins reunite

Violet (played by Hanako Greensmith) reveals things aren’t going well with her and Hawkins. Later in the episode, Gallo spots Hawkins while they’re filling up their vehicles at the gas station. During their conversation, Hawkins tells him things are “a little bumpy.” He’s going to be transferred to the southeast side.

Hawkins reveals he went to District Chief Hill about Violet and “put all his cards on the table” so that he could get assistance with the situation with Emma. (Last season Emma tried to get Violet fired.) Hawkins took the fall for entire situation.

Gallo tells Violet what happened with Hawkins. Once she realizes how much Hawkins gave up for her, she feels bad about pushing him away. She calls Hawkins to apologize. She leaves a message saying she’s sorry and asks him to call her back.

Hawkins doesn’t call Violet back, so she shows up at his home. “I thought you were done with me,” he tells Violet. She makes it clear that she’s interested in getting back together and they kiss.

Violet tells Brett she and Hawkins worked things out. She revealed Hawkins doesn’t want to stop his transfer. If he works at a different location, they won’t have to hide their relationship. “We can be a real couple out in the world,” Violet tells Brett. Hopefully their relationship lasts.

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