‘Chicago Fire’ Speculation: Violet and Gallo Are Being Set Up to Reunite

Violet’s romantic life on Chicago Fire has been full of drama. What started as anger that her ex Gallo was dating someone else turned into happiness when she started seeing Chief Hawkins. Now that Hawkins died, Violet has been inconsolable, and she has turned to her friends at 51, especially Ritter and Gallo, for support as she works through her grief.

'Chicago Fire' actors (L-R) Hanako Greensmith as Violet, Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo
(L-R) Hanako Greensmith as Violet and Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo | Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC/Getty Images

While Violet is still mourning Hawkins, and what she needs now is friends, fans have been theorizing that she and Gallo are being set up to reunite. Are the speculations true?

Violet and Gallo’s relationship storyline in ‘Chicago Fire’

We first meet Violet in Episode 10 of Chicago Fire Season 8, where she scolds Gallo for not following proper protocol after a car accident. The other characters observe the pair’s obvious attraction to one another and interpret their frequent arguments as flirtations. Violet finally goes up to Gallo at the end of the episode, and the two sleep together.

After a few episodes of getting to know one another, the couple starts dating. Later, Gallo tells Violet that he wants a relationship that isn’t exclusive, which is OK with her. However, Gallo gets angry when Violet goes on a date with another man and claims he regrets agreeing to an open relationship. Then, he randomly makes a marriage proposal, which Violet promptly rejects.

And when Gallo starts dating someone else in Season 10, Violet realizes she still has feelings for him. Violet tries to push down her feelings for Gallo, and when Chief Hawkins comes around, she starts flirting with him. Gallo then ends his relationship and tries to get back with Violet, but she says she’s not interested.

Violet eventually starts dating Hawkins, but their relationship is cut tragically short when he died in a building collapse.

Are Violet and Gallo being set up to reunite?

Chicago Fire‘s most popular episodes typically feature a pair reconciling after denying their love for much of the season. This romantic subplot has become an integral aspect of the program that most fans look forward to as new people join the station. Fans tune in week after week to find out which couples will finally get together or break up.

One of the main plots of Chicago Fire right now is about Gallo and Violet and whether they can keep their relationship as friends or if they will start dating. Since Hawkins died, fans have been speculating that Violet and Gallo are being set up to reunite. However, Alberto Rosende, who plays Gallo, begs to differ. 

Speaking to NBC Insider about Gallo and Violet’s future on Chicago Fire, Rosende said:

“Romantically, I don’t think Gallo even has that door open anymore right now because of everything Violet’s gone through. Remember, Gallo knew Evan Hawkins, as well. So there’s this hole there that wasn’t there before. They’ll continue to be there for each other. For sure.”

‘Chicago Fire’ fans are divided over Violet and Gallo’s relationship


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Things over at Chicago Fire are always heating up, and fans have been debating about Violet and Gallo’s relationship. While some fans feel Violet should be with Gallo, others think the Gallo/Violet hookup is getting old. Commenting on whether the pair should be together, one Reddit user said,

“They are way better off as friends. And they barely dated. He slut-shamed her, and she deserves better. There was always too much back and forth with them, and people are over it.”

Another fan chimed in, saying, “Don’t think they should be together. I’d say Violet is too mature compared to Gallo, and they were good at first glance, but it should not get picked up again.” On the other hand, some fans believe Violet and Gallo are meant to be. One Reddit user said,

“Am I the only one who thinks Violet should be with Gallo? Gallo came first, and he had dibs (sort of.) First come, first served (sort of.) And in the early days, when Violet was just starting out with Hawkins, she still had feelings for Gallo, and he wanted her still.”

For now, all signs point to Violet and Gallo being close friends. However, tables might turn as the pair help each other with their grief over Hawkins.