‘Chicago Fire’: Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey Continue Their Drama and Severide Gets Sentimental

Chicago Fire focuses on the continued drama between Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey. We also get a glimpse into Severide’s past. Here’s what happened last time on Chicago Fire.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Chicago Fire Season 9, Episode 8 (“Escape Route”).

Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett continue to play games on ‘Chicago Fire’

Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett and Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey | Elizabeth Morris
Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett and Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey | Elizabeth Morris

Grainger arranges to cover for Herrmann. He’s supposed to be there to work but he’s really there so he can get close to Sylvie Brett. Matt Casey sees him at the firehouse and gets very upset. He still likes Sylvie, but she asked for space, so he backs off. However, it looks like he’s ready to fight for what he wants.  

Sylvie and Grainger decide to go out for drinks, but things get a little uncomfortable. When Casey shows up at Molly’s, Stella lets him know that Grainger paid for his drink. He turns around and sees Sylvie and Grainger at a table together. When Sylvie looks over, Grainger says he knows there was something romantic between her and Casey. The situation gets awkward, so Sylvie suggests they leave the bar. They head back to her place for some alone time.

Casey has been mean to Grainger for the entire time he’s been helping at the firehouse. Grainger got to the point where he couldn’t take much more, so he confronted him about it. Casey told him he was out of line and Grainger told him he was being unprofessional.

Later that day, Sylvie talks to Casey and tells him he needs to fix his attitude. She says she thinks he’s acting out because he’s still in love with Dawson. We think Casey is confused and doesn’t know what he wants. By the time he figures it out, Sylvie will probably be married to Grainger and have a house full of kids.

Severide gets a call that takes him back to his childhood

Severide and his team are called to a house fire that hits close to home, literally. He discovers the fire is at the home where he used to live when he was younger. A mother and her son, Dylan, were home when the fire started. The mother is burned after she tries to get to the refrigerator and get her son’s insulin. However, she’s unsuccessful and sustains severe injuries.

Severide tries to help the family by asking Chicago Med nurse April if she could find a patient assistance program for Dylan. April does some research and finds out that there’s a clinical insulin trial that Dylan might be a good fit for.

He decides to go to the hospital to tell Dylan’s father the great news, but he tells him that his son never came back to the hospital. Severide finds Dylan hiding out at his old home. He blames himself for his mother’s injuries and he feels responsible for his parents’ money woes. Most of their money went toward purchasing his medication. Severide tells Dylan that it’s not his fault and convinces him to meet his parents at the hospital.

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