‘Chicago Fire’: Who Plays Carver on ‘Chicago Fire’?

Chicago Fire is no stranger to cast changes. One of the newest additions to the Chicago Fire cast is Sam Carver. Here’s what we know about the actor who plays him.

Sam Carver on ‘Chicago Fire’

Jake Lockett as Sam Carver on Chicago Fire.
Jake Lockett | Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC via Getty Images

Sam Carver is first introduced during Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 1 (titled “Hold on Tight”). When Stella Kidd finds out Carver will be joining Firehouse 51, she’s not pleased. Once he’s out of earshot, she tells Chief Boden how she feels about the newest recruit.

“Sam Carver is trouble,” says Kidd. “We did not get along during training and it’s mostly because he’s an arrogant…” she trails off. “All due respect, he is not 51 material.” Boden disagrees and says her leadership is just what Carver needs.  Kidd talks to Severide about the situation, telling him that she has to do her best to make it work because Boden “loves this guy.”

Carver is somewhat of a mystery. The team at Firehouse 51 doesn’t know much about him. During Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 6 (titled “All-out Mystery”), Gallo gets curious and looks through Carver’s locker. He finds it strange that Carver doesn’t have any pictures in his locker. The only personal item they see is deodorant. Mouch and a few other firefighters decide to visit a bar Carver frequents. Unfortunately, they all get involved in a bar fight.

Who plays Carver on ‘Chicago Fire’?

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Sam Carver on Chicago Fire is played by actor Jake Lockett. One of Lockett’s early roles was in the 2011 film Break. From 2012 to 2013, he played Jack Parker in the TV series In Reverie. After that, he appeared in the movie Stepping High. Some of Lockett’s other acting appearances include roles in NCIS: Los Angeles, Hawaii Five-0, and Masters of Sex.

During an interview with NBC Insider, Lockett says his Chicago Fire character doesn’t easily trust people, which is part of the reason Carver is so mysterious. “There are certain things I can’t say,” Lockett says.  “But I think for Sam, trusting people is not always the easiest thing. When you’re dealing with this new family [at the firehouse] and you’re trying to get your ground, some things are just harder to open up about. We can all relate to that, people wanting to know more about you, but the things you’re keeping close to the vest have a lot of pain attached.”

Carver is going to ‘stir things up’ according to co-showrunner Andrea Newman

Andrea Newman, co-showrunner for Chicago Fire, says Sam Carver will shake things up around Firehouse 51. This should make for some interesting episodes.

“He’s a real mystery,” Newman tells TV Insider. The firehouse is “used to being so connected and [like] a family. So, bringing in somebody who will play things close to the vest and is a really good firefighter and a really good guy, in lots of ways, but he brings in a lot of mystery to the firehouse that makes people start spinning a bit. So, he’s going to stir things up.”

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