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The Chicago trilogy has quickly become must-see TV, and part of its allure is the unique way that the three TV shows overlap with one another. While each show has a specific focus (Chicago Med on the hospitalChicago Fire on the fire department, and Chicago P.D. on the police), the three intersect in meaningful and dramatic ways, giving fans a complex web of interactions that keep things interesting. 

Fans are particularly excited by the crossovers that have taken place on Chicago Med. Getting to see the Chicago Fire cast pop up on the set has been a delightful treat for viewers. 

The ‘Chicago’ trilogy has a ‘Law & Order’ connection

Dominic Rains as Crockett Marcel
Dominic Rains as Crockett Marcel | Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

If something about the heart-pounding action and realistic twists and turns of the Chicago trilogy shows seems familiar, you might be tapping into the series’ connection with the Law & Order franchise. Both are produced by TV drama juggernaut Dick Wolf.

In fact, one of Law & Order’s most popular characters has even made some crossover appearances in the Windy City’s crime scene. New York’s Detective Olivia Benson has traveled to Chicago to track down killers and investigate cases, giving fans an even more intertwined world of crime and justice. 

While the Law & Order franchise occasionally uses crossover episodes within its shows as well, the Chicago series’ have taken the cinematic device to a whole new level. The crossovers are frequent and complex, making them an integral part of the experience rather than an occasional surprise for fans.

Much as real-life doctors, police officers, and firefighters would be expected to cross paths in their day-to-day work, the series demonstrates how interconnected these professions and the characters within them really are. 

‘Chicago Fire’ came first

One thing that’s interesting about the Chicago trilogy is that the shows did not all premiere at the same time. Chicago Fire came first in 2012 and was set in a Chicago fire station.

It followed the ins and outs of the firefighters, paramedics, and rescue squad members working there. In 2013, Chicago P.D. was added to the lineup, and it offered a close look at the work of the police officers in the city. Finally, Chicago Med premiered in 2015, offering an intimate glimpse into the lives of the doctors and nurses in a major urban medical center. 

Because of the complex interconnections between the shows, an episode of Chicago Fire actually served as a backdoor pilot for Chicago Med. In this episode, Will Halstead was introduced, and he becomes a major character at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. 

‘Chicago Med’ fans love the ‘Chicago Fire’ crossover appearances

One thing fans really like about the show is getting to see their favorite characters make crossover appearances in the other series. In the past, fans have been rewarded with glimpses of Chicago Fire characters on Chicago Med. Earlier this year (before all three shows came to an early conclusion due to the real-life crisis of the pandemic), viewers got to see two of the shows intersect. However, Chicago Med was not part of the equation. 

According to TV Insider, Fans definitely think it’s time to see Chicago Med and Chicago Fire crossover again, and they’re eager to think of some ways that it might happen. Could Chicago Fire‘s Gallo follow up with victims at the hospital, bringing him in close contact with Chicago Med staff? Perhaps Chicago Fire‘s Herrmann gets to interact with Chicago Med characters from behind the bar at Molly’s. Chicago Med‘s Ethan has already been out on the field. Why not have him join in with Chicago Fire for a ride-along? 

Whatever method the show creators use to put these characters together, they can rest assured knowing fans are ready and waiting to see more.