‘Chicago Med’ Fans Are Excited to See Dr. Scott With a New Love Interest

Although Chicago Med mainly sticks to its story arc to deliver medical stories, fans have always loved watching the medical professionals’ personal lives. Many characters have been involved with one another and outside of their professions. Now fans are hoping to see Dr. Scott with a new love interest.

'Chicago Med' actor Guy Lockard as Dr. Dylan Scott, smiling
Guy Lockard as Dr. Dylan Scott | George Burns Jr/NBC/Getty Images

‘Chicago Med’ has mainly kept Dylan Scott’s personal life private

Guy Lockard joined Chicago Med in season 7, playing Dr. Dylan Scott. Scott was a police officer like his father and his sister and quit the force to join medicine. He first appears in episode one of season 7, treating a boy with a snake bite. He soon realizes that the bite resulted from a gang initiation and tries to help the boy remain on a straight path.

Scott was deemed a hero in episode four of season 7 when he talked down a manic patient with whom the police officers had trouble dealing. His approach to calming down the man with schizophrenia is successful, and those gathered call him a hero.

Although Scott is a successful doctor with two impressive careers under his belt, his personal life doesn’t take much center stage. Scott falls short when comparing his romantic life with others like Will Halstead and Dr. Ethan Choi.

Halstead and his former girlfriend, Natalie Manning, made for exciting TV, but now fans think it’s time for Scott to get the same treatment. Fans recently responded to a One Chicago tweet of Scott voicing their love of the doctor, with one fan saying they hope Scott will get married.

Showrunner says a love interest might be on the horizon for Dr. Scott

Chicago Med hasn’t given Scott much of a romantic life except the occasional story of him and Carmen dating in the past. However, given their chemistry at the hospital, the show might be trying to set him up with the very-married Carmen, but that’s only speculation at this point.

Still, fans can expect the upcoming season to give Scott a love interest, as showrunner Andrew Schneider confirmed. When asked if fans should expect new romantic relationships, Schneider told TV Insider that a storyline with Scott is in the works.

He said, “We’re going to see a romantic relationship for Dr. Scott [Guy Lockard] later. We’re building that.” Schneider also assured fans that the often overlooked Dr. Charles [Oliver Platt] has a romantic plotline in the works.

Dr. Scott’s past with a patient’s parents complicated things for him

Dr. Scott shone throughout episode seven, and fans want more of him. However, things got complicated when he came face to face with a blast from his past. In episode eleven of season 7 of Chicago Med, Scott meets a couple named Carmen and Tyrell, who brought their son Darius in for treatment after breaking his arm.

What started as a minor treatment grew into something worse as the doctors realized that Darius had cancer. This meant that he had to spend more time at the hospital, which is great, but his parents have a history with Scott.

We later learn that Scott dated Carmen when he was young and at one point arrested Tyrell when he was still in the force. Since their last interaction, Tyrell has a grudge against Scott, and it appears Scott and Carmen haven’t gotten over their feelings for one another.

In episode 12, Maggie tells Scott she noticed that he and Carmen had exchanged ‘a look,’ but Scott tries rubbishing it off, claiming that his relationship with Carmen belongs in the past.

Fans can see what lies ahead for Dr. Scott and his love life when Chicago Med Season 8 premieres on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at 8 p.m. EST.

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