‘Chicago Med’: Fans Are Thrilled That Dr. Natalie Manning Left

Chicago Med is a Dick Wolf-produced drama on NBC. The show is part of the One Chicago franchise that includes Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and the short-lived Chicago Justice. Now that Chicago Med is airing its seventh season, fans anticipate even more drama and a few cast changes.

One of the major cast shakeups for the new season involves Torrey DeVitto not returning as Dr. Natalie Manning. Although her character has been at the hospital since the beginning of the series, it seems like few fans will be sad to see her go.

‘Chicago Med’ fans have not enjoyed Dr. Natalie Manning for a long time

Although Dr. Manning has been a main character on Chicago Med since it premiered in 2015, she hasn’t always been a fan favorite. Some viewers point to her romantic relationships as the reason for the disdain.

Dr. Manning has often chosen to date within the hospital instead of finding a partner outside of her workplace. She’s dated the likes of Dr. Halstead and Dr. Crockett. She even went so far as to date a patient’s father. These men have all had conflicts with her; as much as she likes being in a relationship, she is reluctant to let anyone care for her.

Fans also point to Natalie’s persistence when it comes to making decisions for her patients. In many of her cases over the years, she’s fought hard to make what she thought was the right decision, only to be contradicted by the other doctors involved. In many of these cases, Dr. Manning was standing on personal principle rather than what was medically called for.

How Dr. Natalie Manning ended her time at the hospital

Torrey DeVitto portays Natalie Manning on one of her last shoots for Chicago Med
Natalie Manning aka Torrey DeVitto on ‘Chicago Med’ | Elizabeth Sisson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Dr. Manning did not get a happy farewell from the hospital. During season six, she was balancing her work at the hospital with the care of her mother, who was suffering from a heart condition. This happened to be at the same time Dr. Halstead was working with a trial to test a new heart medication.

Dr. Manning could not get her mother in the trial, so she tried to save her mother by stealing trial medication. As he is known to do, Dr. Halstead protected Dr. Manning by taking the blame for her decision, but as fans saw in the season seven premiere, it was Dr. Manning leaving Chicago to start a new life after she admitted to stealing the medication, not Dr. Halstead.

While Dr. Manning may have added a certain flair to the show, some fans will not be sad that Dr. Manning has left the hospital for good.

New ‘Chicago Med’ characters on board


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With the departure of not only Torrey DeVitto as Dr. Manning, but Yaya DaCosta as nurse April Sexton, Chicago Med has added a few new cast members for season seven. During season six, Steven Webber was cast as Dr. Dean Archer. It looks like he will be sticking around for a while in season seven.

Two new cast members have also been added for season seven. Guy Lockard is playing Dr. Dylan Scott, a former Chicago P.D. officer-turned-doctor. Kristen Hager is playing Dr. Stevie Hammer, a doctor that seems to know nothing to privilege on the outside but has a few secrets of her own to battle. Fans are enjoying watching these characters’ storylines develop.