‘Chicago Med’: Fans Want ‘Chicago P.D.’ and ‘Law & Order’ to Get Involved With Natalie’s Dismissal

The Dick Wolf universe is longer-lasting, and more vast than either Star Wars or the MCU could muster. While Wolf and company often cross over their biggest titles, fans of shows like Chicago Med often double down with crazy theories about new ways to do so.

Torrey DeVitto as Natalie Manning on 'Chicago Med'
Torrey DeVitto as Natalie Manning | Elizabeth Sisson/Getty Images

With Chicago Med’s Doctor Natalie Manning’s sudden departure from the series, many fans want the big guns to be brought in to fix the problem. 

Natalie hits rock bottom

Dr. Natalie Manning was undoubtedly a good doctor at the top of her game. She always knew what to do and found a way to get it done with minimal damage. However, in recent episodes, she did cause some damage, and her time at the hospital will come to an end

Last season, Natalie stole drugs from Will’s drug trial in an effort to save her mom, according to TV Insider. This was a bad move on many fronts; not only did she violate ex-fiance Will’s trust by stealing from his trial, but she also committed major ethical violations in doing so. Stealing the drug to help her mother’s heart problems could also come with legal ramifications, like criminal charges.

Fans have some ideas about what they’d like to see next in Natalie’s end on Chicago Med.

They took to Reddit to explain all the ways they could see the Dick Wolf universe exploiting its massive roster to show the importance of the Chicago standout’s downfall. 

‘Chicago Med’ fans want to know what happens next

The fans on Reddit discussed Natalie’s downfall in a thread about the series finale. While a lot happened during the memorably sixth season, all eyes were on Natalie following her downfall. Now, it seems like her days at the hospital are numbered, and fans want Dick Wolf to unleash the entire clip in giving her a pertinent send-off. 

While DeVitto hasn’t yet gotten her official send-off. Fans agree that it probably will play a small but vital role in the show’s seventh season. After all, her downfall could affect the entire hospital. From desires for the cast of Chicago P.D. to carry her off to jail to other minor crossovers, fans had fun with new theories. However, the most audacious of them all included a beloved figure who helped kick off the universe at large. 

“I’m guessing that they filmed the season opener right after the finale, so Natalie’s and April’s stories will be wrapped up then,” one fan wrote. 

However, this didn’t stop other fans from writing fan fiction before our very eyes, with one connecting the Dick Wolf universe in ways that would be as audacious as they are unlikely. 

“If they are going to bring law enforcement into it, I wanna see Jack McCoy as the prosecutor. (I don’t care that he’s based in New York — make it work, writers!),” one user jokingly requested. 

What comes next?

Sam Waterston’s Jack McCoy is one of the most iconic television lawyers in history. Despite Waterston moving on to other things and his character has almost no path to Natalie, it didn’t stop fans from thinking about it, just in case it happened. It likely won’t, but TV Insider reporting DeVitto’s departure, perhaps her impact will move far beyond her tumultuous exit. 

Torrey DeVitto may have played a convincing loose cannon, but her departure from the show appears to be an amicable one. After shooting her presumed final series scenes, CinemaBlend notes how she took to Instagram to thank her co-stars and fans for the memorable journey. Whatever happens, it’s sure to impact the entire Chicago universe in one way or another. Now, we have to wait and see exactly how they do it. 

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