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Fans of medical dramas are probably well aware of Chicago Med. Since its pilot episode in 2015, Chicago Med has brought plenty of drama, romance, and shocking scenes. Every actor has a favorite scene from the show. One particular regular’s favorite scene happens to be one of the most hated episodes by fans. 

‘Chicago Med’ is part of a dramatic series of shows 

NBC’s Chicago Med follows the doctors, nurses, and staff in the trauma center of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. They work day in and day out to serve and save all people who come through the doors. They do this all while navigating romances and even their own demons. 

Chicago Med comes as the third installment in the One Chicago trilogy. One Chicago also includes Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire. Dick Wolf, of Law & Order fame, is responsible for all three shows. There are often crossovers between the three Chicago shows and even with the Law & Order franchise. 

Chicago Med first aired on Nov. 17, 2015, and continues to this day. It can be streamed on Netflix, Hulu, and Peacock. 

One actor’s favorite scene is one of the most hated by fans 

Nick Gehlfuss as Will Halstead on 'Chicago Med' on NBC
Nick Gehlfuss on ‘Chicago Med’ | George Burns Jr/NBC via Getty Images

A few of the leading actors on Chicago Med sat down on YouTube and answered the question, “What is your favorite scene?” 

Nick Gehlfuss, who plays Dr. Will Halstead, said, “That’s easy. When Will Halstead is drilling a hole into the mob guy’s head in the boatyard, in his tuxedo, while everyone is waiting for him at the church on his wedding day.” 

This terrifying scene occurs in Season Four, Episode Nine, “Death Do Us Part.” The context is that Natalie is at the church waiting for her groom to arrive. Halstead is instead taking care of the mobster, Ray, according to TV Line. Ray’s sons discovered that Halstead planted a bug. Halstead is thankfully rescued in time and taken to the church. He only has enough time to hug his wife-to-be and tell her goodbye because he’s being put in protective custody. The question of whether or not they will survive this separation is left unanswered. 

When the show returns after the cliffhanger, two months have passed, and the couple has not been able to communicate at all. There are already issues in the relationship before the wedding, and this event and time apart do not help. There has been no time to talk and hash things out. This whole episode is very traumatic for both characters. 

Fans have opinions about other ‘Chicago Med’ scenes 


Is ‘Chicago Med’ a Real Hospital?

Nick Gahlfuss’ favorite episode is not a fan favorite, but it is not the only episode to have the disdain of viewers.

Looper collaborated with IMDb to rank the worst episodes of Chicago Med. Here are a few worth mentioning: 

  • “Down By Law” (Season 5): Manning suffers a head injury while trying to help a wounded gang member. Paramedic Barry helps Manning by using his concealed weapon, which happens to not have an updated permit. The situation keeps getting more complicated. 
  • “Mountains and Molehills” (Season 3): Dr. Choi and Sharon Goodwin face a medical ethics dilemma when a patient refuses an HIV test. Meanwhile, Halstead and Manning are treating a young patient with a mysterious paralysis. Halstead comes down with the same symptoms, and an epidemic within the hospital commences. 
  • “Ties That Bind” (Season 3): Dr. Choi is unable to diagnose a patient, and Dr. Reese is forced to use her pepper spray when the patient becomes aggressive toward her. This causes her to be suspended. Fans also didn’t like how Goodwin brought in a new TV and pizza to entice more patients to force the administration to hire more nurses. Fans didn’t appreciate the comedic attempt at a serious situation. 
  • “Speak Your Truth” (Season 3): This Season 3 premiere opens with Dr. Charles shot outside the hospital, and the staff work to save him and seek justice. Meanwhile, there are plenty of relationship issues forcing too many storylines in one episode.