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Dr. Ethan Choi has had his fair share of struggles in Chicago Med. He is the Head of Emergency Medicine at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center and also served in the Navy. He has been shown dealing with PTSD throughout the series. To make matters worse, Dr. Choi was shot by an unhinged patient at the end of season 6. He returns to work in Chicago Med Season 7, but the promo for episode 8 hints that Dr. Choi is still having a rough time.

Brian Tee as Ethan Choi in Chicago Med Season 7. Choi is wearing a back brace and standing in front of a monitor.
Brian Tee as Ethan Choi in ‘Chicago Med’ Season 7 | George Burns Jr/NBC

What happened to Dr. Ethan Choi?

Dr. Choi has been a regular on Chicago Med since the first episode. He is a level-headed doctor and a bit of a stickler for the rules. This probably comes from his military background. Despite his normally calm demeanor, Choi can be seen dealing with PTSD throughout the series. In the aftermath of a mass shooting in season 3, he breaks down in front of April Sexton.

In season 6, Choi is promoted to Head of the Emergency Department. While talking with Dr. Dean Archer in the parking lot, they are confronted by a deranged patient that Archer treated. Choi gets the gun away from the patient but is shot in the chest in the process. Archer then performs a high-risk surgery to save Choi’s life.

Dr. Choi returns for ‘Chicago Med’ Season 7

Luckily, Choi survived his injuries. In the episode “A Square Peg In a Round Hole” of Chicago Med Season 7 he returns to Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. He tells Sharon Goodwin that he is ready to return to work. Choi struggles during the evaluation Archer puts him through.

The promo for episode 8 of Chicago Med Season 7 shows Choi breaking down in tears in front of Dr. Crockett Marcel. Thankfully it looks like Crockett will offer some support for Choi. Still, it’s concerning to see him in such a state after returning to work so soon after a life-threatening injury.


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When Choi returns, he is using a cane and wearing some kind of back brace, no doubt to help with his physical therapy. If you watch the promo closely, you can see Choi taking the brace off while working on a patient, saying something about needing a better angle. Moments after, the clip shows Choi breaking down. It could be that the physical pain of taking his brace off is what causes Choi’s tears.

The official synopsis via Fansided for Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 8 reads, “Ethan tries a risky old-school method on a patient.” It’s possible that returning to a difficult case so soon after being shot will prove too much for Choi.

Will Choi’s ex April come back in ‘Chicago Med’ Season 7?

Yaya DaCosta, who played Choi’s love interest, April Sexton, left the series prior to the start of Chicago Med Season 7. Now that Choi is back, fans are wondering if Sexton will return as well. However, it seems like DaCosta has no intention of returning to the show full time.

She has mentioned to TVLine that she would “absolutely” guest star as Sexton to wrap up her character’s relationship with Choi. It looks like Choi will be single in Chicago Med Season 7.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC