‘Chicago Med’ Season 7 Episode 17 Recap, ‘If You Love Someone, Set Them Free’

Chicago Med Season 7 returned tonight with episode 17, “If You Love Someone, Set Them Free.” Dr. Dylan Scott (Guy Lockard) and Dr. Vanessa Taylor (Asjha Cooper) try to protect a patient who is being targeted by a rival gang. Dr. Hannah Asher (Jessy Schram) returns to the ED, and Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) and Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) treat a patient with terminal cancer.

[Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 17, “If You Love Someone, Set Them Free.”]

Sarah Rafferty as Dr. Pamela Blake and Dominic Rains as Dr. Crockett Marcel  in Chicago Med Season 7. The doctors look at a computer screen.
Sarah Rafferty as Dr. Pamela Blake and Dominic Rains as Dr. Crockett Marcel in ‘Chicago Med’ Season 7 | George Burns Jr/NBC

A patient is in danger from a gang in ‘Chicago Med’ Season 7 Episode 17

At the beginning of Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 17, Dr. Scott talks with Milena (Riley Voelkel), the undercover cop who previously convinced him to release a C.I. named Stefan (Landon Tyler Smith) from the hospital. The C.I. returned to the hospital with a gunshot wound. Scott checks on him, but another patient soon needs his attention. Scott quickly realizes that this patient is from a rival gang, and other men are trying to kill Stefan.

Unfortunately, the police don’t want to openly interfere because Stefan is part of a three-year-long undercover investigation. Stefan isn’t yet well enough to leave the hospital, so plainclothes officers stand watch. Scott helps the officers protect Stefan, earning Milena’s gratitude.

Vanessa and Scott keep Stefan safe in the ICU, but eventually, he has to be taken to surgery. On the way, a rival gang member attacks and slashes Scott’s arm. Luckily Scott is able to take the man down. Milena later shows up at Scott’s apartment and they share a kiss.

Dr. Hannah Asher returns to Gaffney Chicago Medical Center

It’s Dr. Hannah Asher’s first day back in the ED after her stay in rehab and Dr. Dean Archer (Steven Weber) immediately treats her with contempt. He informs her that he will be drug testing her every week, given her history of addiction. Hannah also talks with Halstead, with whom she was romantically involved prior to Chicago Med Season 7. However, she assures Halstead that their romantic relationship is history and she only returned for the career opportunity.

Hannah works with a patient who received a transplanted uterus that is failing. The patient desperately wants kids and a new uterus, but Dr. Pamela Blake (Sarah Rafferty) doesn’t want to perform the elective surgery. In the end, the patient’s sister volunteers to donate her own uterus and the surgery appears to be a success. At the end of the episode, Archer tells Hannah, “we call that a win,” which seems like as close to a compliment as she will get from him.

Halstead and Charles treat a patient with terminal cancer

A 16-year-old patient named Ivy (Kayla Carlson) is admitted to the ED after having a seizure. When she tries to leave the hospital, her parents reveal that she has terminal brain cancer and is refusing chemotherapy.

Halstead and Charles tell the parents that they can make Ivy’s medical decisions since she is underage, but they refuse to force her to go through medical treatment. The parents aren’t optimistic that it would make much of a difference, and their daughter doesn’t want to spend her last year sick from chemo.

After some tests, Halstead is shocked to find out that Ivy’s tumor is shrinking. He and Dr. Charles eventually discover that Ivy’s boyfriend has been secretly giving her chemotherapy drugs in her tea. He is arrested, and Ivy’s parents decide to continue to honor their daughter’s wishes to avoid treatment.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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