‘Chicago Med’ Season 7 Episode 22 Recap, ‘And Now We Come to the End’

Chicago Med Season 7 has come to an end with an exciting final episode. Dr. Blake undergoes surgery to fix the tremors in her hand, but things don’t exactly go as planned. Meanwhile, Dr. Charles comes to a realization about his romantic relationship while Sharon Goodwin’s daughter goes into labor at a party. Finally, Halstead and Hannah deal with a complicated situation, and Dr. Scott prepares to say goodbye to his love interest, Jo.

[Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 22, “And Now We Come To The End.”]

Tara Goodwin and Sharon Goodwin in Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 22. The are at a fancy party and they both look startled.
Nicolette Robinson as Tara Goodwin and S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin in ‘Chicago Med’ | George Burns Jr/NBC

Dr. Pamela Blake undergoes surgery in ‘Chicago Med’ Season 7 Episode 22

In Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 22, Dr. Blake prepares to undergo surgery to fix the tremors in her hand. Crockett shows up to support her and so does her daughter Avery. Crockett attempts to explain to Avery that he wasn’t dating her and Blake at the same time, but Avery already seems to have moved past it.

During the surgery, a complication occurs, leaving two options. The safer option carries a higher risk that Dr. Blake will have an unsteady hand and be unable to perform surgery. Crockett opts for the safer route and Avery disagrees, but unfortunately for her Blake gave Crockett power of attorney. When Blake wakes up, she is dismayed to learn that she suffered a small stroke. Blake is furious at Crockett and terrified that she will not be able to perform surgery again.

Tara goes into labor and Vanessa meets her biological father

At the beginning of Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 22, Dr. Charles finally tells his daughter Anna that he is dating Dr. Richardson, and she is surprisingly fine with it. Dr. Charles, however, is starting to feel a little strange about dating his former therapist. This leads him to break up with Dr. Richardson, which she seems taken aback by. Later, at a party for Sharon Goodwin, her daughter Tara goes into labor. The elevator is broken and Goodwin must deliver the baby herself, but thankfully everything goes well.

Meanwhile, in Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 22, Dr. Choi and Dr. Archer treat a teenage boy who injured his knee playing lacrosse. One of the boy’s fathers is overly harsh about the injury, though it’s clearly just out of concern for his son. Ethan talks with the teen, explaining how his own father Patrick’s actions didn’t make sense until later on. Afterward, Ethan and Dr. Archer attend Patrick’s military funeral and Ethan gives his father’s American flag to Patrick’s lover Gerald. After the ceremony, Archer calls his estranged son, telling him he’d love to hear from him.

Throughout the episode, Maggie and Dr. Scott treat an alcoholic patient with end-stage liver disease. Her daughter Erin shows up and they inform her that her mother is dying, but can likely still hear her. Dr. Scott and Maggie listen emotionally as Erin berates her mother for the pain she put her through during her childhood. However, Erin later comes back to say goodbye to her mother. Later, Maggie decides to introduce Vanessa to her biological father, Grant.

Dr. Scott says goodbye to Jo and Halstead and Hannah deal with a complicated situation

At the hospital, Will Halstead treats a patient named Julia with mild painful urination. Julia and her boyfriend Owen are concerned because she is donating a kidney to Owen the next day. However, Halstead soon learns that Owen has been wanting to break up with Julia. Dr. Asher wants to delay the transplant, but Halstead disagrees. In the end, Owen tells Julia the truth and though she is crushed, she decides to go through with the surgery.

Dr. Scott’s love interest Jo has been hiding out in Halstead’s apartment building in Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 22. Her work as an undercover cop has been compromised and she needs to leave town. Dr. Scott arrives to say goodbye at the end of the episode, but they are interrupted when the fire alarm goes off. A member of the Serbian mob shows up and attacks and Dr. Scott shoots the man in self-defense.

Dr. Scott tells Jo to run, not realizing that she herself has been shot. Halstead shows up to help Scott carry the Serbian man out of the building. However, the men are soon surrounded by flames with seemingly no escape.

Chicago Med returns with new episodes in fall 2022.

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