‘Chicago Med’ Season 7: This Wild Theory Will Change the Way You Look at Dr. Dean Archer

Chicago Med Season 7 returns for the fall finale on Wed, Dec. 8. Previously in the season, Dr. Ethan Choi returned to Gaffney Chicago Medical Center after being shot in the season 6 finale. Unfortunately, he injured himself again by working on a patient before he was fully recovered. Dr. Dean Archer has butted heads with Choi quite a bit. He temporarily took over as Interim Chief of the ED, but now that Choi is back, he will have to give that title up. A wild theory is circulating that Archer would do anything to stop that from happening.

Steven Weber as Dr. Dean Archer in Chicago Med Season 7. Archer is wearing a white lab coat, red scrubs, and a stethoscope around his neck.
Steven Weber as Dr. Dean Archer | George Burns Jr/NBC

What happened to Dr. Ethan Choi?

At the end of Chicago Med Season 6, Choi approached Archer in the parking lot to let him know he was going to be fired. However, an unstable patient with a gun who Archer had formerly operated on approaches them. Choi gets the gun away from the man, but not before getting shot in the chest. Luckily, Choi survived the incident. Archer was made Interim Chief of the ED during Choi’s recovery.

In Chicago Med Season 7, Choi goes back to work. In episode 8, he tries to manually fix a patient’s hernia. Dr. Crockett Marcel advises against this, but surprisingly Archer encourages Choi to go through with it. Choi’s work on the patient is a success, but he is in excruciating pain afterward. An MRI reveals that he has multiple herniated lumbar disks. He decides to undergo multi-level spinal fusion surgery, which will require several months of post-op recovery.

Did Archer sabatoge Choi in ‘Chicago Med’ Season 7?

All of this seems like a lot of bad luck for Choi, but is there something more sinister going on? Archer often bends the rules and takes things to extreme measures. One Chicago Center proposes a theory that Archer sabotaged Choi to maintain his role as Chief of the ED.

“It’s totally within the realm of possibility that Archer pushed Choi to a breaking point so that he could hold down the chief position a little bit longer,” the outlet states. “It would definitely be one of the worst things we’ve seen Archer do, especially given the severity of Choi’s injuries and the potentially lasting effects it could have on his health.”

Brian Tee as Ethan Choi and Steven Weber as Dr. Dean Archer in Chicago Med Season 7. Archer faces Choi while Choi looks up from writing something.
Brian Tee as Ethan Choi and Steven Weber as Dr. Dean Archer | George Burns Jr/NBC

An even more outlandish theory is that Archer paid or coerced the patient to shoot Choi in the first place. This idea is extremely far-fetched. However, it’s not impossible that Archer knew Choi might hurt himself working on the hernia patient, and decided to encourage him to put his physical health at risk.

Will Dr. Ethan Choi return in ‘Chicago Med’ Season 7?

Actor Brian Tee has been absent from quite a few episodes of Chicago Med Season 7. This is partly because of Tee’s work on the Amazon series Expats, says One Chicago Center. Luckily, Tee won’t leave the series for good. The outlet reports that Tee signed a new contract with the show over the off-season.

Chicago Med Season 7 airs at 8 p.m. EST on Wednesdays on NBC.

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