‘Chicago Med’ Season 7: Will Ben Campbell Return? Maggie Lockwood Actor Tweeted a Possible Clue

The events of Chicago Med Season 7 have been pretty emotional for charge nurse Maggie Lockwood. At the beginning of the season, Maggie was working alongside her biological daughter Vanessa Taylor. In the fall finale, Vanessa finally revealed to the rest of the hospital that Maggie is her mother. However, fans haven’t seen Maggie’s husband Ben Campbell this season. Maggie and Ben are a fan favorite couple and a Tweet from Marlyne Barrett could be a hint that Ben will be back soon.

Charles Malik Whitfield as Ben Campbell and Marlyne Barrett as Maggie Lockwood. Will Ben appear in Chicago Med Season 7? Maggie holds Ben's face in her hand.
Charles Malik Whitfield as Ben Campbell and Marlyne Barrett as Maggie Lockwood in ‘Chicago Med’ | Elizabeth Sisson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Who is Ben Campbell in ‘Chicago Med’?

In a previous season of Chicago Med, Maggie learns that she has breast cancer. Wanting to keep the news a secret from her coworkers, she seeks treatment at a different hospital than Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. She meets Ben Campbell while they are both undergoing chemotherapy. Maggie invites Ben to a clambake party and the pair begin a romantic relationship.

At one point, Ben gets very sick and nearly dies. However, later both his and Maggie’s cancer goes into remission. The pair get married in a heartwarming ceremony and later foster a child named Auggie. Ben and Maggie are a favorite couple of One Chicago fans and many are hoping to see Ben in Chicago Med Season 7.

Marlyne Barrett Tweeted a photo that has fans wondering when Ben will be back

Maggie and Ben are one of the most wholesome couples in the One Chicago universe. Unfortunately, Ben hasn’t made an appearance in Chicago Med Season 7 so far. In fact, he hasn’t been seen since the episode “I Will Come To Save You” in season 6.

Chicago Med Season 7 is currently on a break until Feb. 23. A few weeks ago, Maggie actor Marlyne Barrett Tweeted an old photo of herself with Ben actor Charles Malik Whitfield on the set of Chicago Med. The actor captioned the image, “When you can just put your head on your man. #ChicagoMed #OneChicago#throwback @NBCOneChicago.”

The comments on this post were full of fans questioning when Ben would come back to the show. Unfortunately, there’s no real answer to this question at the time being. Barrett could have been giving a clue with her Tweet, but so far there is no evidence to suggest Whitfield will be making an appearance in Chicago Med Season 7.

Still, there might be a pretty good reason for Ben to appear soon. Vanessa is finally being open about the fact that Maggie is her biological mother. In a recent episode, Vanessa invited Maggie to have dinner with her adoptive family. As Vanessa brings Maggie further into her life, she may want to get to know Maggie’s husband Ben in the future.

Fans love Maggie and Ben’s relationship

Chicago Med fans love Maggie and Ben’s sweet relationship, so it makes sense that they want to see Ben in Chicago Med Season 7. “Can we all just appreciate how good Ben has been to Maggie. They’re so good for each other,” a fan wrote on Reddit.

“I love them together,” another fan agreed. Hopefully Ben will be back before the season is over. Perhaps he will even get to spend some time with Vanessa.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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