‘Chicago Med’: Tehmina Sunny to Guest Star Next Season

Chicago Med is a well-known show that has stepped up to the plate this year. When the pandemic became a serious problem in the United States, the show donated supplies to local hospitals. Since production has picked up again, the series will be airing a new season in November. 

One of the recent developments in the show will be a new recurring character. Originally from Great Britain, Tehmina Sunny is a rising star who has made appearances in popular shows and movies. The actress will soon be a part of Chicago Med‘s cast as a guest star. She will be playing a new doctor in the next season.

Who is Tehmina Sunny?

Tehmina Sunny
Tehmina Sunny | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

According to IMDb, Sunny was born in London and went to the University of Leeds in England, where she studied business information systems. She is making a name for herself in television and film. Despite not having any previous training, she became the finalist during BBC’s search for acting talent. 

Besides acting, she is skillful in switching between different accents. She can go from sounding British to American. She also can make a convincing Indian accent easily. This had allowed her to gain a niche following in the entertainment industry. 

Sunny’s debut on screen was in the 2005 film Love Struck. She eventually got noticed by an Oscar-winning director Roland Joffé. He gave her a role in his movie The Lovers. Not only has she acted in films, but she has had plenty of roles in TV shows. The actress has spent most of her career working on TV. 

Tehmina Sunny’s known roles

Sunny has been in a few popular films and TV shows. Plenty of her roles have been as a guest star on television, but she has had several recurring characters. She appeared in an episode of Heroes as the character of Bridget Bailey. In 2015, she guest-starred in an episode of Battle Creek. 

She appeared in the 2006 film Children of Men. It is a dystopian film about a world where the human race is completely infertile in the future. Society is collapsing, and the United Kingdom is the last functional government. In the film, Sunny plays the character of Zara. 

Some fans may recognize the actress from the show Pandora. She is a series regular and plays the character of Regan Fried. Regan is the daughter of an industrialist. Fans may have also seen Sunny in a few episodes of NCIS.  

When revisiting these shows, people may be able to spot one of her characters if they had not before. As of 2020, Sunny is working on a couple of projects. She will likely continue to grow her career and land bigger roles. Fans will have to wait and see what she does next. 

Tehmina Sunny will be in the next season of ‘Chicago Med’

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Chicago Med is the third installment to the Chicago franchise. While other shows of the franchise focus on police officers and firefighters, Chicago Med centers around the medical staff of the emergency department.

The show currently has five seasons, and its sixth season will air on November 11. 

With the newest season almost here, fans wonder what the show will bring. Some speculate if the current climate will inspire any of the episodes. They can expect to see some of their favorite stars return and others leave. There may be new characters that will appear on the show as well. 

On Twitter, there was an announcement that Sunny got cast on Chicago Med. She will be playing a recurring character in the new season.  Her character is Dr. Sabeena Virani, who will supervise a clinical trial for a medication. She will try to have Dr. Halstead lead her trial. 

Fans eagerly await season six of Chicago Med and what the show has in store for Sunny’s character. If she is popular enough, she may become a series regular. On Chicago Fire, Daniel Kyri became a permanent part of the cast because his character is a fan favorite. Who knows, maybe Sunny will have the same fate.