‘Chicago Med’: Torrey DeVitto Still Roots for Natalie and Will

Everybody loves a good romance, especially when you can make a cute name out of it. On Chicago Medfans have dubbed the turbulent union of Dr. Natalie Manning, played by Torrey DeVitto, and Dr. Will Halstead, played by Nick Gehlfuss, as Manstead.

The couple, who almost made it to the altar, have viewers wondering if there is still hope for the star-crossed duo. Fans will most likely be disappointed to see that the couple are not likely to be together as season 6 of Chicago Med unfolds.

But, not everyone is giving up on the couple’s relationship. DeVitto says that she believes there is still hope.

(L-R) Torrey Devitto and Nick Gehlfuss in costume on 'Chicago Med' laughing
(L-R) Torrey Devitto and Nick Gehlfuss | Elizabeth Sisson/Getty Images

Natalie and Will’s relationship on ‘Chicago Med’

More than 9 million viewers tuned in to watch the Season 5 finale of NBC’s Chicago Med. After several seasons of the on-again-off-again relationship between Will and Natalie, writers pulled the plug on Gaffney Chicago Medical Center’s Manstead.

The couple has always been co-workers and friends on the popular drama. Fans were thrilled when the two hooked up. Throughout their tumultuous relationship, they have shared standoffs at gunpoint, kidnapping attempts, amnesia, and broken engagements.

Their relationship ended when Halstead left his bride-to-be standing at the altar. He was whisked away by FBI agents to enter the witness protection program. Apparently, part of him agreeing to go was to protect her. She did not see it that way.

When Halstead returned to Chicago, a broken-hearted Manning agreed to take her jilted lover back. The reunion didn’t last long. Manning found a gun that a scared Halstead was hiding, and she asked him to leave the house, presumably this time for good.

Why is Torrey DeVitto holding out hope?

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While discussing storylines for Season 6 of Chicago Med, DeVitto told Us Weekly, “Obviously, I know that we have a drama show, and I know that it has to be interesting. If Will and Natalie were just together the whole time, it could be boring because it’s not real life. But I have to say I always hold a candle for Manstead.”

DeVitto explained that she adores Natalie and Will together as a couple, even though they have made plenty of mistakes. She continued by saying, “I hold hope out for them, but you never know!”

Fans question if Manstead is going to reunite next season

When Manstead tried to give it another go, Manning was injured and fell into a state of amnesia. She eventually recovered but forgot that she loved Halstead. When she finally remembered, it was too late because he had moved on.

When they finally broke up for good, fans were left reeling to see what would happen next. Toward the end of season 5, Manning started setting her sights on co-worker Dr. Crockett Marcel, played by Dominic Rains.

Meanwhile, Halstead is becoming involved with Dr. Hannah Asher, played by Jessy Schram, who is not only a doctor but an addict as well. Most fans thought the romantic interlude was the writer’s way of waiting until Manstead is one again. That was until TV Line asked executive producer Andrew Schneider about the relationship between Manning and Marcel. He said it was “progressing” and that it would be “part of the rest of the season – their relationship and what it might or might not turn into.” When asked if Manstead would reunite he replied, “whether [their feelings] are able to blossom again is another issue.”

Fans are holding out hope for the couple to unite once again in Season 6. When Us Weekly asked DeVitto if Manstead will ever get back together, she responded, “I hope so. It depends on how long the show goes.”

NBC confirmed that the drama series has been renewed through Season 8, giving the couple a lot of time to get back on track.