‘Chicago Med’: Where You’ve Seen Avery Quinn Before

Chicago Med Season 7 introduced a lot of new characters to the medical drama. Many viewers witnessed the arrival of Dr. Dylan Scott (Guy Lockard) and Dr. Pamela Blake (Sarah Rafferty). However, Avery Quinn made a lasting impression on fans. Quinn is a patient who was admitted into Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. Now that she is a recurring character on the show, some might notice the actor looks familiar. So, who plays Avery Quinn on Chicago Med?

Who plays Avery Quinn in ‘Chicago Med’?

Johanna Braddy is wearing a white and brown dress to an event.
Johanna Braddy | Vincent Sandoval/WireImage

Actor Johanna Braddy plays Avery Quinn in the medical drama. Before landing a role on Chicago Med, Braddy has been pretty active in Hollywood. According to IMDb, Braddy made her screen acting debut in the ABC Family/Freeform television film Pop Rocks

Additionally, she made her voice acting debut in the Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Braddy played the role of Princess Yue, the princess of the Northern Water Tribe and the daughter of Chief Arnook. 

Meanwhile, she had a recurring role on the FX drama series The Riches, the ABC Family young adult series Greek, and VH1’s Hit the Floor. Braddy also guest-starred on the CBS crime series Cold Case, Southland, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Suburgatory, and Shameless. Aside from television, Braddy played a minor role in films such as Broken Bridges, Home of the Giants, and Whore

Actor Johanna Braddy played this character in ‘Easy A’

Some people might not know actor Johanna Braddy played a small role in the 2010 comedy film Easy A. Narrated by Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone), the 17-year old lies about losing her virginity to her best friend. When Marianne (Amanda Bynes) overhears the conversation, she spreads lie across the school. Now, Olive is famous, but for the wrong reasons.

Meanwhile, a friend from Olive’s past, Brandon (Dan Byrd), gets bullied at school. With Olive’s new reputation, he asks her to lie about having sex with him. So, they go to a school party planned by the most popular girl in school, Melody Bostic, who is played by none other than Johanna Braddy. While at the party, Olive asked Melody if there was a “private” room for her and Brandon to converse in. Melody offers her room and gives them directions. Although Melody played a minor role in the storyline, the events at her party set the tone for the entire film. 

Braddy landed her first leading role in The Grudge 3. The young actor portrayed Lisa, the remaining resident of the Chicago Building targeted by the grudge curse. In 2009, the horror film was released straight-to-DVD by Sony Entertainment, with a global theater release. The Grudge 3 made $38 million in DVD, despite its $5 million budget.

Also, the actor starred in the 2011 supernatural horror film Paranormal Activity 3. Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, the film takes place 18 years before the events in the previous two films. The film was met with positive reception, setting a record for earning $8 million in a midnight screening of a horror movie. In the United States box office, the horror film made over $100 million.   

How long will Avery Quinn be on ‘Chicago Med’?

It’s unclear how long Avery Quinn will stay on Chicago Med. But, Braddy’s character introduction is a part of the showrunner’s strategy to implement new faces into the narrative. In an interview with TV Brittany F, Chicago Med showrunner Andrew Schneider explained why they introduced new characters in Chicago Med Season 7.

“The cornerstone of our show is how the medical cases affect the personal lives of our doctors and nurses,” he explained. “So with new characters and new interpersonal dynamics, we hope the show will continue to be fresh and surprising.”

Chicago Med airs Wednesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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