‘Chicago Med’: Who Is Brian Tee’s Wife?

Fans of Chicago Med can’t get enough of handsome Dr. Ethan Choi, played by Brian Tee. The principled, emotionally tormented doctor is a fan-favorite.

Although Dr. Choi’s love life has been tumultuous lately, Tee seems to have found happiness at home with his wife, actress Mirelly Taylor. Here are the facts about this talented couple and the life they share. 

Brian Tee’s journey to becoming Dr. Choi

Brian Tee as Ethan Choi
Brian Tee as Ethan Choi | Elizabeth Sisson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

According to IMDb, Tee was born in Japan in 1977, but he has built quite an acting career in Hollywood. After earning a degree in Dramatic Arts from UC Berkeley, he was able to get parts in a number of hit movies, including The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, The Wolverine, We Were Soldiers and Austin Powers in Goldmember

Tee also landed a number of roles in TV, eventually earning the part he’s best known for: the handsome Dr. Choi on Chicago Med. Fans of the medical drama have grown to love Dr. Choi, the Navy veteran with a passion for medicine. Although he can be impulsive, Dr. Choi is well respected as a doctor and a friend. 

Fans waited eagerly for Season 6 of Chicago Med, wanting to know what would happen in his relationship with Yaya DaCosta. Unfortunately for them, it looks as though the TV couple still hasn’t found the key to a stable relationship. But at home, Lee has no such trouble.

Who is Mirelly Taylor?

The stunning Taylor was born in Mexico to two med students, and she moved to Dallas with her mother when she was 11. She almost missed her calling as an actress before a serious accident changed her fate. According to an interview she did for Eerie Digest, she was a sophomore in college when an accident left her with a skull fracture. After three days in a coma, she beat the doctors’ predictions and woke up, eventually making a full recovery.

The experience helped her realize that life is too short to do something you don’t love. And what she really wanted to do was to act. 

According to IMDb, the decision seems to have been a good one, and soon she was making her way up the ladder of success in Hollywood. After several small roles in TV series such as The Prodigy and Numb3rs, Taylor moved into increasingly larger roles. She landed a repeating part on Seal Team, then recently she got a starring role on Interrogation

Mirelly Taylor says Brian Tee is her ‘soul mate’

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Back in 2010, during her interview with Eerie Digest, Taylor revealed that she had met her “soul mate, Brian Tee.” Describing him as a kind and genuine person, she predicted that their relationship would bring great things into her life — both personally and professionally.

“I’ve now opened myself up to a whole new me I’ve never known before,” she explained, “because I’ve allowed this amazing man into my heart.”

Her prediction appears to have been right, because the couple got married that year. According to Amo Mama, they welcomed a daughter, Madelyn Skyler, into their family in 2015. The couple has posted pictures of them with their daughter on social media ever since. Whether they’re traveling together or waiting out the pandemic at home, the little family looks very happy. 

If fans of Tee were hoping he was single like his Chicago Med character seems to be, they’re going to be disappointed. But for Tee and Taylor, they seem to have found a rare thing in Hollywood — a happy marriage between two successful actors.