‘Chicago P.D.’: Amy Morton’s Favorite Scene Was 1 Intense Exchange Between Trudy and Hank

Every episode of Chicago P.D. features emotional scenes among characters, whether they’re trying to alleviate a tense hostage situation, rescue teenage girls from a sex-trafficking ring, or navigate parenthood and romantic relationships in their personal lives.

Chicago native Amy Morton, who plays Sergeant Trudy Platt on the NBC police procedural drama, has been in 187 episodes in nine seasons, with Season 10 premiering in September 2022.

'Chicago P.D.' stars (l-r) Jason Beghe as Hank Voight and Amy Morton as Trudy Platt
(L-R) Jason Beghe as Hank Voight, Amy Morton as Trudy Platt | Jean Whiteside/NBC/Getty Images

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Platt has had a lot of stuff to juggle within the CPD Intelligence Unit. One of Morton’s favorite scenes happened towards the beginning of season 4.

Trudy Platt had a lot of personal things to deal with in Season 4 of ‘Chicago P.D.’

Morton opened up about one episode in a recent interview with One Chicago.

“I think my favorite scene was kind of long ago. I think it was with Voight after my father got murdered. I’m about to wreak havoc and retribution on his killer.”

As one of the heads of the Intelligence Unit, Platt has to keep her cool in front of her subordinates. She’s also the de facto Mom for the younger staff there. Platt serves as the emotional rock for everyone. But that just wasn’t possible in the Season 4 episode “A War Zone.” 

She went to the police academy with Hank Voight, and the two are close friends. When she hunts down and captures the man who murdered her father, Platt comes close to torturing him during an interrogation. Hank has to pull her back because he sees her need for vengeance but understands that she’ll ruin the rest of her career — and herself — if she tortures him to death.

Sgt. Platt’s scene with Hank was filled with raw emotion

In the span of a few moments, we see Platt go from an angry daughter to someone sobbing that she will never truly be the same now that her father is gone. She can’t bring him back, and no amount of torturing her victim will turn back the clock.

Morton’s performance brings to heart what any survivor feels when someone irrevocably victimizes them or kills a loved one. It’s understandable why this is Morton’s favorite scene. It’s personal to her character. She gets to display her range with a character who is close to her.

If anyone else was in that scene with Platt, who knows how dark the character would have turned? What’s next for Platt? Fans will have to watch season 10 to see what’s ahead for the character. With all of the changes happening on the set, including Jesse Lee Soffer leaving, who knows what will occur?

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