‘Chicago P.D.’ Fans Aren’t Too Upset About Officer Rojas’ Departure

Fans of the police procedural crime series Chicago P.D. have been waiting for the series’ 8th season in earnest anticipation. The show wrapped up its 7th season with plenty of cliffhangers that had fans eagerly waiting for the next season to answer their questions.

However, the 8th season comes with its news as one of the series’ stars is reportedly exiting the film after just one season. Read on to find out why Officer Rojas is exiting the show, what it means for the show, and how fans have reacted to the news of her departure.

Lisseth Chavez as Vanessa Rojas in front of a blurred landscape
Lisseth Chavez as Vanessa Rojas | Parrish Lewis/Getty Images

What is Chicago P.D. all about?

Chicago P.D. follows a team of officers as they burst criminals and solve cases in Chicago. The Intelligence unit in Chicago P.D. is headed by a brilliant detective Sergeant, Hank Voight, played by Jason Beghe.

When the series began, it mainly focused on intelligence officers in the department and patrol officers. However, as the show progressed to its 4th season, it began focusing primarily on the Intelligence unit after detectives Kim Burgess and Kevin Atwater were promoted to the Intelligence Unit.

Who is Vanessa Rojas on Chicago P.D.?

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Officer Vanessa Rojas is a member of the Intelligence Unit at Chicago PD and an exceptional police officer. Rojas reportedly grew up in various foster homes before becoming a police officer. While working undercover on a case, she met detective Kevin Atwater who was also undercover but without her knowledge.

After the two detectives got their criminal, Rojas was offered a job with the Intelligence Unit, making her a part of the brilliant team of detectives. Vanessa Rojas is played by Lisseth Chavez, who has had her fair share of screen time on various other TV shows, including The Fosters and The OA.

Officer Rojas was first introduced to fans in season 7 and quickly became an integral part of the team. Rojas seemed to be the perfect fit and addition to the Intelligence Unit. Her background gave the team a fresh perspective into some crimes, making her an asset to the unit.

However, Officer Rojas’ stay on Chicago P.D. has been short-lived as Chavez, has confirmed her departure from the hit show.

Why Officer Rojas is leaving the Chicago PD and how fans feel about it

Chavez’s departure from Chicago P.D. was because the actor recently landed another role on the CW’s Legend of Tomorrow. Chavez joined the cast of The CW series as Esperanza Cruz, an alien expert. Chavez’s role on Legends of Tomorrow is meant to help the superhero team in the series with their quest for the aliens.

Rojas’ exit has exposed Chicago P.D. to several practical issues that would need to be addressed. The showrunners will have to find a way to remove Officer Rojas from the show. They may decide to kill her or transfer her to another station.

They may also decide to write her off by suggesting that she went undercover for a long time. Either way, Chavez’s exit from her role has produced mixed feelings among fans of the show. While many didn’t mind seeing Chavez on their screens, some felt that she was the unit’s missing puzzle.

Where fan reactions to Officer Rojas’ exit are concerned, fans seem to be too conflicted, but fans didn’t seem heartbroken to see her leave. Some believe that Rojas never truly fit into the unit and series in general. On the other hand, some Chicago P.D. fans stated their disappointment to see Rojas leave the department.