‘Chicago P.D.’ Fans Want Atwater to Get a Love Interest in Season 9

There are sentiments within the Chicago P.D fan base that heartthrob Kevin Atwater, played by LaRoyce Hawkins, has been unlucky in love throughout the preceding eight seasons. The uproar to have Atwater get a love interest in season nine has been loud, and it seems to have received the attention it deserves as it is rumored that the character will finally break from his cold streak.

LaRoyce Hawkins playing Kevin Atwater in 'Chicago P.D.' wearing a brown open button-up T-shirt with a black shirt and blue jeans leaning up against a car in front of a grey wall.
LaRoyce Hawkins playing Kevin Atwater in ‘Chicago P.D.’ | Getty Images

Calls for Atwater to get a serious love interest in season 9

It would not be completely outrageous to claim there are people out there desperate to see Atwater find love on Chicago PD. This is especially true since every time the character gets a brief arc, the storyline shifts and presents the relationship as one not built to last. Despite other characters within the series, including Halstead, Upton, Ruzek, and Burgess, having multiple love interests throughout the years.

It can be argued that the call for a love interest for the officer is due to the dark turns his character has had to deal with in the recent past. As the character is portrayed as a proud, principled Black man, it would only be fair that he gets to enjoy some romance. As he is always choosing the right thing, fans are intrigued about the possibilities of his love life.

Atwater’s relationship timeline

So far, Atwater has only ever had a romantic storyline on an episode of season six. He encounters and possibly gets smitten by a woman, Laila, played by Milauna Jemai Jackson. Within the episode, Atwater seems to have developed palpable chemistry with the lady, and fans become almost hopeful that a love affair will ensue. Unfortunately, these hopes are squashed when her deal with the DA falls through, and she ends up being sentenced to prison for the murder charges she was facing.

This was not the first rodeo for the character. Audiences can recall that the young detective had somewhat of a flirtatious dynamic with Vanessa Rojas, the rookie officer who made a sudden departure from the series. While some argue that the character’s lack of success in the romance department is rooted in his lack of experience, others felt this particular storyline cheated them out of a possible love story.

The nature of previous relationships on ‘Chicago PD’

Rich Eid received backlash from a section of the fan base who cite that most of the relationships within the show have been tumultuous. This sentiment stems from the idea that the showrunner does not offer straightforward solutions for the pairs who have established a relationship within each season. 

It could be argued that in doing so, the show presents the different characters in a more humanized manner, alluding to the struggles ordinary people have pertaining to starting and maintaining a relationship.

For instance, season 8’s storyline explores the platonic relationship between Hank Voight and Miller. While you would expect that the pair would have an easy-going relationship because of the jobs they hold, their responsibilities, and sacrifices. However, the show puts a spin on their relationship by providing the impossible situation whereby they seem to disagree on how best to approach police reforms.

Previous relationship timelines include Upstead, who finally gets engaged, and the evolution of the relationship between Burgess and Ruzek. The latter seems to have finally settled down and started a small family with Makayla. In hindsight, fans will have to hold their breath as the show is notorious for unexpected twists and turns.

Altogether, it seems the fan base has been successful in helping Atwater along the romance line. Eid has been reported alluding that the young detective finally meets a dynamic young woman within season nine. What’s more, they are expected to develop a fun and unique bond, which might develop into a full-blown love interest.

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