‘Chicago P.D.’ LaRoyce Hawkins’ Favorite Scene Shows a Different Side of Atwater

LaRoyce Hawkins has played patrol officer Kevin Atwater on all 187 episodes of Chicago P.D. He’s been in several exciting, intense, and heartwarming scenes on the NBC staple.

'Chicago P.D.' actorLaRoyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater
LaRoyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater | Lori Allen/NBC/Getty Images

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Atwater has had to deal with a lot of things in his life, from his family’s run-ins with the law and serving jail time to raising his younger brother and sister after becoming their legal guardian. Hawkins’ favorite scene has nothing to do with Atwater’s work.

LaRoyce Hawkins’ favorite scene so far is about love

Hawkins said in a recent interview with NBC’s One Chicago that his top scene so far featured a second chance and redemption for Atwater.

“My favorite scene of all the One Chicago’s thus far is the second time Atwater lost his virginity with his second shot at love, Miss Celeste Nichols. I just like it because it was a chance for us to see a different side of Atwater … It was nice to watch him enjoy himself.”

This finally happened in Season 9, as Atwater has never really been lucky with his love life. And once he reconnected with Celeste (Amanda Payton), she didn’t like the fact that he works for the police department.

Atwater worked hard to get where he was in life by that point, only to have his best chance at love break up with him because of his line of work. It’s heartbreaking, and fans just want Atwater to be happy.

Fans wanted that moment with Atwater and Celeste for a while

Many Chicago P.D. fans want Kev to find love. One person took to Reddit to say that Atwater is underrated, but they want his character to be filled out a bit more.

“I just finished binging the entire series and I gotta say, Atwater has become one of my all time fave TV characters. Not a big fan at first, thought he was just kinda goofy eye candy. But they developed his character so well IMO. I just wish they’d let him find love! These poor girls they set him up with always end up unwitting informants. Poor Kev.”


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Atwater clearly wanted to be closer to Celeste than she wanted from him. He didn’t even know her name until after they were between the sheets. But Atwater’s a cop, and he knows how to take risks. Celeste seemed like a safe bet for him. 

Then he let his guard down and Celeste had issues. Hopefully, that risk doesn’t come back to haunt Atwater at some point because he didn’t know a lot about her.

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