‘Chicago P.D.’ Paid Subtle Tribute to Trayvon Martin Last Season

Trayvon Martin’s death is something that will never be forgotten. And despite the fact that it happened a few years ago, people all over the country still talk about it to this day.

There have been vigils, statements, and press conferences over the years regarding the controversial situation, and it is pretty safe to say that it will be close to people’s hearts for the foreseeable future.

Even television shows have taken the touching opportunity to pay regards to Martin, something that the public definitely appreciates.

Here is how Chicago P.D. paid subtle tribute to Trayvon Martin last season. 

The premise of ‘Chicago P.D.’

Lisseth Chavez as Vanessa Rojas, Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey Upton
Lisseth Chavez as Vanessa Rojas, Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey Upton | Matt Dinerstein/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Police and legal dramas seem to be all the rage these days, and Chicago P.D. is at the top of the list for millions of people.  For those who may not be familiar with the show, let’s briefly discuss what it is all about. According to TV Insider, it is one of the most popular detective shows of all time, dealing with intense crimes that include drug trafficking, organized crime, and of course, murder.

Featuring talented actors including LaRoyce Hawkins, Jason Beghe, and Patrick Flueger. The show focuses on justice and the day-to-day events that occur in the police department, most of which the public can’t fathom, but fans can’t get enough of. Premiering in 2014, the show is actually a spin-off of Chicago Fire and follows the adventures of patrol officers as well as the intelligence unit. 

The tragedy of Trayvon Martin

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Just about everyone is familiar with the fate of Trayvon Martin, and the case is something that most of us will never fully get over. He was only 17 years old when he was killed by George Zimmerman in Florida, and the case caused instant heartbreak for so many people. So, what exactly happened on that devastating night?

Well, according to CNN, the high school student was in Sanford, Florida, on a visit with his dad the night he was fatally shot. He was unarmed and walking home from purchasing a snack at a local convenience store when Zimmerman, who was on the neighborhood watch, pulled a gun on the teen in what he said was self-defense.

Martin died of his injuries, causing uproar and anger among millions of people, and Zimmerman was ultimately found not guilty on all charges. 

‘Chicago P.D.’ paid subtle tribute to Trayvon Martin last season

Since the entire situation struck a chord with so many people, it was beyond touching when Chicago P.D. paid subtle tribute to Martin during the last season.

So, how did they do this? Well, in an episode titled “Night in Chicago,” detective Atwater is meeting up with someone who is undercover when they are pulled over by two other officers. What happens next is similar to the Martin case, as an officer who is portrayed as being racist shoots one of the men.

In addition to making the scene similar to what happened in real life, the events unfolded on February 5, which just so happens to be the late teen’s birthday. What a wonderful way to have a nod to someone who met with unimaginable tragedy at such a young age, in an amazing performance on one of the most-watched shows of our time.