‘Chicago P.D.’ Will Return With New Episodes in January — Here’s What We Know

Now that fall has brought cooler weather and fewer hours of daylight, people are looking forward to curling up in front of their favorite TV shows. Whether you’re a fan of sitcoms, medical television shows, or police dramas, chances are you can’t wait to see what unfolds in new episodes.

Chicago P.D. has already settled into its new season, whose first two episodes have given insight into what’s to come. The show continues the fast-paced drama and surprising twists that have enthralled viewers since its debut in 2014. And when the latest season began this past November 11, many loyal watchers were beyond excited.

As soon as the hour is over, fans are already anticipating what’s to come, which is why it’s difficult knowing there’ll be a wait to find out. Chicago P.D. will return with new episodes in January — here’s what we know. 

Episode 1: ‘Fighting Ghosts’

LaRoyce Hawkins (left) as Kevin Atwater, Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead, and Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek in Season 8 of 'Chicago P.D.'
LaRoyce Hawkins (left), Jesse Lee Soffer, and Patrick John Flueger in Season 8 of ‘Chicago P.D.’ | Matt Dinerstein/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Now in its eighth season, Chicago P.D. stars Jesse Lee Soffer, Marina Squerciati, LaRoyce Hawkins, and others. The season began only a few weeks ago. So, what happened during that all-important premiere?

Episode 1 is titled “Fighting Ghosts,” according to FanSided. It focuses on racial profiling by incorporating a storyline in which Kevin Atwater faces ongoing harassment from fellow officers.

It also exposes the truth about the shooting of Laura — a storyline that has intrigued fans from the beginning — and sees Miguel Cortez arrested at gunpoint. The episode ends with Cortez’s release, much to the dismay of Hank Voight, who has recently learned Laura died from her injuries.

Episode 2: ‘White Knuckle’

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In the second episode, “White Knuckle,” Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller struggles to get along with Voight. And Atwater’s job disturbs him after the Blue Wall intimidation and his stand against racism. Meanwhile, Meaww reports, an addict named Billy appears to have shot a woman, and although the evidence points to him, he denies the claims.

Then, in a shocking twist, Atwater, who blames the police system for his troubles, admits he no longer wants to be a cop. What does his revelation mean for the rest of Chicago P.D.’s eighth season? Will he move forward with his job?

Finally, now that Detective Hailey Upton is also back in Chicago, more secrets might come to light.

‘Chicago P.D.’ is set to return with new episodes in January 

Although we’re eager to learn what the new season holds for our favorite characters, we’ll have to wait weeks to find out. Chicago P.D. is set to return with new episodes in January 2021. Millions of viewers can expect explorations of blossoming relationships — including the one between Upton and Jay Halstead — that were heating up at the end of Season 7. There will also be some dealings with the FBI, Cinema Blend reports.

What else will happen in the new episodes of Chicago P.D.? Come the new year, all will be revealed.