‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Actor Ross Lynch Fires Back After Racist Attacks on His Relationship With Jaz Sinclair

Fans of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina know that the show’s plot is full of twists and turns. But it seems that the dramatic events aren’t restricted to the script for at least two of the CAOS actors. Actors Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair don’t just portray a romantic couple on the show; they’re clearly sharing special time together off the set too.

But despite the fact that they seem to have been dating for a while, they’ve refused to let the world in on their secret — until now. Lynch made it clear that they’re together, and he did it for a very important reason.

Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair smiling in front of a beige background
Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair | Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Romance on and off the set

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CAOS centers around the life of a witch named Sabrina. In the show, Sinclair plays Rosalind Walker — known as Roz — while Lynch plays Harvey Kinkle. A complicating factor in their relationship was that at the beginning of the show, Roz was Sabrina’s best friend, while Harvey was Sabrina’s boyfriend. But by season 2, Sabrina and Harvey broke up, and before long, he was seeing Roz

Not everyone thought this was an acceptable move. Lots of viewers wanted Harvey to get back together with Sabrina, and aren’t good friends supposed to stay away from their BFF’s ex? It became clear, however, that Harvey and Roz were here to stay. What’s more, there had been plenty of hints that the relationship wasn’t entirely fictional. 

A secret that everyone knew about

Even before the show aired, there were rumors flying that Lynch and Sinclair were dating. They wrote a song together the very month that production began, and soon they were posting pictures of each other on their Instagram feeds. They were seen together at parties and the comments on those Instagram posts? Pretty flirty for two people who kept insisting they were just friends. 

It seemed like no matter how many hints were dropped, even when they were caught kissing — more than once — the couple kept insisting they were just friends. Just really close friends. But recently something happened that made Lynch decide to drop the pretense and come to the defense of his girlfriend. 

Lately, the happy couple has been being pretty obvious about their relationship on social media. They even recorded a TikTok video showing them getting ready to attend a show during Paris Fashion Week, then spent the entire show with their arms around each other. They looked very happy together, but the internet doesn’t always respond in the most encouraging way. 

Ross Lynch hits back at the haters

Recently Lynch posted a picture of the two of them, and along with it he gave a warning to people who were criticizing their relationship for the most disgusting reason. “Yo guys whoever is being hateful to jasmine and I’s relationship (especially on a race basis wtf) can take a step back,” he wrote. “We are both extremely happy. Thanks.”

All those adorable posts were getting negative feedback based on the fact that they’re an interracial couple. Lynch has called out the racists who have trolled them in the past, and he’s still not going to put up with it, as reported by The Wisp.

Going by their Instagram feeds, it looks like Sinclair and Lynch are quarantining together. Both of them have posted pictures that make it clear that they adore each other. As CAOS’s viewers wait for the next season, they can enjoy keeping an eye on one of the show’s cutest couples. And now that the two have admitted that they’re in a relationship all their fans can tell them how cute they are together.