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According to fans of Chip Gaines, his recent “transformation” is a certified “glow up” for the Magnolia Network star. Find out why he was growing his hair and what value he found in getting a haircut. Plus, how fans on social media feel about his “fancy” hairstyle now that some say it’s not too long or too short but just right.

Chip Gaines, pictured (C) with Mindy Kaling (L) and Joanna Gaines (R), got a glow up, according to fans.
(L-R) Mindy Kaling, Chip Gaines, and Joanna Gaines | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Warner Bros. Discovery

Chip Gaines grew his hair out for charity

Chip started growing his hair during the pandemic, which wasn’t unusual. Some fans assumed it was a response to how life changed for many in the early spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

It turned out Chip was growing his hair for charity. Eventually, he shaved his head bald and raised more than $425,000 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. He had more to give than that, though, considering how long his hair had grown.

“I’m going to donate my hair to a great cause called Children with Hair Loss,” Chip told fans in a video, adding his hair would be turned into “a wig for kids going through cancer treatment.”

Notably, a representative from St. Jude told E! News, “Chip and Joanna Gaines have provided an incredible amount of love, kindness, and support to the kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital over the years.”

Fans think Chip Gaines ‘got a glow up’ since his hair has grown out a little

While fans were impressed by Chip’s generosity when he shaved his head, not too many seemed to be throwing around phrases like “glow up.” But now that his hair has grown out a little, some are starting to take notice.

Chip took to social media to share a before and after shot of a home renovation. In the first picture, the Fixer Upper star sits with long hair in front of a house in need of tender loving care. In the second shot, he sits in front of the renovated home with a shorter cut.

“My kind of before and after …” he captioned the post. And fans in the comments on his Instagram agreed. While some were focused on the house, others couldn’t get over his changed look.

One commented, “You and that house got a glow up!!” while another noted, “The hair before and after is so fancy too!”

“Total transformation,” another shared, “right down to the hair cut!!”


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Joanna Gaines said Chip Gaines has ‘great hair’ when it’s clean

Chip’s wife, Joanna Gaines, was with him when he got his hair cut alongside a teenage patient from St. Jude. In a video on Instagram, she told him, “Chip, you’ve got great hair.”

“You’ve always said it looks disgusting,” he said, to which she replied, “I’ve never seen it this clean.”

After the reveal of Chip’s bald head, he said he had “a lot of feelings,” but Joanna assured him, “You look good, babe.”