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Beyoncé’s multitalented protégée Chlöe has a single singe that has been trending since its release. The “Have Mercy” singer’s latest release, “Treat Me,” is all about demanding to be treated with the utmost respect and care from your partner. Chlöe was inspired to write the song after she ended her last relationship after realizing she was not being treated the way she deserved to be.

Chlöe poses for photo shortly before the release of her second single 'Treat Me'
Chlöe 2022 | Matt Winkelmeyer/WireImage

The singer says ending a recent relationship inspired her new single

In a recent interview with PEOPLE Every Day, the former Chloe x Halle member says a breakup was the catalyst for the song. “​​I was getting out of a relationship, and I was just really feeling like I shouldn’t have to tell someone what I need,” she said. “It’s time for me to just give myself the love that I’m looking for. So that’s really where the inspiration behind [‘Treat Me’] came from.”

Chlöe also released an accompanying video equipped with risqué costumes and eye-catching choreography. The video has already been viewed over 3 million times. She’s surrounded by all female dancers in the visual for the dance sequences, which she says is purposeful to highlight the message of the song.

Source: YouTube

“With the video, I wanted it to be strong and sexy and powerful, and you notice there’s no men in there,” she explained. “It’s all about me and the girls and women, and being sexy and fierce, and treating myself the way that I want to be treated.”

But just because Chlöe sings about demanding respect doesn’t mean she’s always taken her own advice. “It’s hard for me to speak up sometimes, and I’m really trying to learn how to do that without hesitation,” she admitted. “It’s important for us to not put ourselves on the backburner, or let someone treat us any old way…We all deserve the best.”

Chlöe previous single is also about standing in one’s power as a woman

She’s making it a point to create music that sends a message. The singer’s predecessor “Have Mercy” is equally a theme about being powerful as a woman. In an interview with Genius, she explained that she wrote “Have Mercy” at a time when she was annoyed with critics who spoke negatively about her image being too provocative. 

Source: YouTube

Chlöe on Online Bullying: ‘I’m Still Very Insecure’

“At this moment, I was feeling frustrated because people thought I was doing too much,” she said. “People thought I was just showing myself and my body just because and just for attention, specifically male attention. I was like, ‘No, I wanna talk my s–t on this.’”

The song was praised by many for being “booty positive.” Chlöe wants her fans, and all women, to not be ashamed of their curves and sexuality.

Her debut album will be full of pop tracks

The singer has finally finished her long-awaited debut solo album.  Despite her pristine voice, she warns it’s not going to be filled with ballads. Instead, she used this album to express her creative side with uptempo pop tracks, which she says are inspired by the likes of Donna Summer.

“I love the album and I think it’s just a really special body of work that I’m really proud of,” she told PEOPLE. “I can’t wait for the world to hear it.”