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Chlöe just wants the world to focus on her music. The “Have Mercy” singer’s romantic life is always a hot topic, with many questioning who she’s dating. She’s been attached to several high-profile artists, including rapper Future. But the former Chloe x Halle group member says she is not dating anyone exclusively. 

Chlöe poses on the red carpet; Chlöe recently spoke about her love life
Chlöe 2022 | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

She says she’s focusing on her music and herself rather than love at the moment

Chlöe’s love life is always a hot topic, something she says she is fully aware of. During a recent appearance on the morning radio show The Breakfast Club, the singer insists she’s single. “I feel like everybody wants to know about my love life. My love life is music, darling,” she said, adding that she’s “single.”

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In fact, she says she’s taking her time in the dating world, telling Allure Magazine that she is “figuring out guys’ true intentions.” A true hopeless romantic, she’s looking to do things differently moving forward.

“I’m not a person who bases [stuff] on outward appearance. If their heart is made of gold, I’m so in,” she noted “I just want them to appreciate my nerdy side, my work ethic, and be my best friend. It has to be someone who’s really intellectual because that’s sexy. You can teach me things,” she adds.

The singer’s latest single “Treat Me” was inspired by her last relationship

In terms of what she’s demanding in a new relationship, the singer says she refuses to accept anything less than what she deserves. She revealed in a chat with PEOPLE Every Day that her last breakup was the catalyst for her new single, “Treat Me.” The song details a woman not settling in a relationship by making her partner treat her the way she treats her and at the highest level.

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How Chlöe Bailey Made The Decision to Go Solo

“​​I was getting out of a relationship, and I was just really feeling like I shouldn’t have to tell someone what I need,” she explained. “It’s time for me to just give myself the love that I’m looking for. So that’s really where the inspiration behind [‘Treat Me’] came from.”

The singer also says she’s had to learn the hard way because she’s found it difficult to find her voice and use it in terms of how she deals with people. “It’s hard for me to speak up sometimes, and I’m really trying to learn how to do that without hesitation,” she admitted. “It’s important for us to not put ourselves on the backburner, or let someone treat us any old way…We all deserve the best.”

She was recently rumored to be dating rapper Gunna

Chlöe’s comments come amid rumors that she was dating rapper Gunna. They were spotted holding hands while shopping in Hollywood, California, recorded a music video together, and even reportedly celebrated Valentine’s Day together.

She told the hosts of The Breakfast Club that the two are simply friends. Chlöe also reiterated similar sentiments in an Instagram live.

Unfortunately, Gunna has found himself in major trouble. He recently turned himself in following fellow rapper Young Thug’s arrest on charges of racketeering and gang activity.