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Though there were plenty of talented, young, dancers on Dance Moms, Chloé Lukasiak is largely considered to be the overall fan favorite. Lukasiak was one of the best technical dancers on the team and she had great emotional execution when she competed on the show. Furthermore, her sweet personality made her someone that many fans wanted to root for.

Dance Moms alum Chloé Lukasiak
Chloé Lukasiak | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Vogue x Lancôme

Though Lukasiak had the support of Dance Moms fans, she didn’t often have the support of her former dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller. Miller constantly treated the talented dancer poorly because she didn’t care for her mother, Christi Lukasiak. Eventually, Miller’s poor treatment would cause Lukasiak and her mom to leave the show altogether at the end of Season 4.

Chloé Lukasiak had an interesting journey on ‘Dance Moms’

Of course, Dance Moms fans were devastated when Lukasiak left the show. But they were even more saddened to hear that the dancer hadn’t remained in touch with other members of the cast. During the Season 5 premiere, the young dancers shared that they’d reached out to Lukasiak all Summer, but she never responded. However, when Lukasiak returned to the show midway through Season 7, following Miller’s departure, the girls welcomed her back with open arms.

Of course, in Season 7, Christi maintained that Nia Sioux was actually the only team member that ever contacted her daughter after they quit the show. This accusation naturally caused drama between the moms, but it didn’t seem to affect the relationship between Lukasiak and her remaining teammates. But, what kind of relationship does Lukasiak have with the OG Dance Moms cast today?

The dancer revealed she was excluded from hangouts with her former castmates

Back in April 2020, Lukasiak and her mother hopped on Instagram live with Cheryl Burke, who served a Miller’s replacement for part of season 7. When Burke inquired if Lukasiak was still friends with her OG teammates, the dancer revealed that she’d been excluded from holiday gatherings with Maddie Ziegler, Mackenzie Ziegler, Nia Sioux, and Kendall Vertes even though they were all in their hometown of Pittsburgh for the holidays.


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“They all seem to get together during Christmas but like I wasn’t — the invitation was not extended,” Lukasiak shared about some of her fellow Dance Moms alums in the video. “So I thought we were friends before that but then I saw all that so I was like ‘I don’t know’ so I have no clue.” The actor added that she never got an invite to hang out. “Yeah, it was weird I don’t know. They just like kept getting together and I didn’t get any texts so I was like, ‘alright’.”

Lukasiak has no hard feelings toward her former teammates

But even though Lukasiak was excluded from the holiday hangouts, she confesses that she doesn’t have any ill will toward her former teammates. “But I have no hard feelings towards them,” she added. Since Lukasiak did the aforementioned live stream in April she has also hung out with some of her Dance Moms alums. In fact, her Instagram page proves she’s hung out with Sioux as recently as August 2020. While Lukasiak may not be besties with every member of her original dance team, at least everyone seems to wish each other well.