Chris Brown and His Many Terrible Car Incidents

Some celebrities just seem to be a magnet for trouble. Sometimes it’s due to the lavish and party lifestyle. Other times, it appears bad luck follows our favorite stars like a rain cloud. When it comes to Chris Brown, he has a series of car-related incidents on his resume. And when some happened without him being present, it makes you wonder if he’s really just that unlucky with vehicles.

Chris Brown spray painting a car
Chris Brown spray paints a car backstage at a music festival | Helen Boast/Redferns

Chris Brown is still a fan-favorite, bad boy celebrity

Chris Brown began his celebrity journey as a teen heartthrob. His fan base exploded in size with songs like “Run It!” and “Kiss Kiss.”

He then lost traction with 2009 reports of assault to his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. His violent moment cost him fans and publicity, but he rebounded. He earned a Grammy in 2011 for his F.A.M.E. album. In addition to his Grammy, Brown has hardware from the BET Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and Soul Train Music Awards.

He’s sold more than 140 million records globally, making him one of the music industry’s best-selling artists. However, he continues to have run-ins with the law, giving him this celebrity bad boy image.

Plenty of car accidents on his own

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When you have the kind of wealth Chris Brown has, you can afford some pricey and exotic cars. And when you drive those performance beasts, you may inadvertently go too fast, or encounter incidents with other drivers.

Brown has had such experiences, including his fair share of fender benders, and others causing more damage. Right after his split with Rihanna, for example, he was in a car crash with his former ex, Karrueche Tran riding with him.

In 2013, he had a more serious accident, caused by pursuing paparazzi. He had been driving to a charity event, when he says, the paparazzi swarmed him aggressively and cut in front of Brown, causing him to wreck his Porsche Turbo S into a wall, according to Top Speed.

Chris Brown was fortunate enough to walk away from this crash. His beautiful Porsche, however, had to be towed and was extensively damaged.

A totaled Lamborghini Aventador

According to The Drive, one of the most bizarre car-related incidents for Chris Brown involved his Lamborghini Aventador and a joyride in Beverly Hills. Los Angeles police later discovered the exotic ride, amidst the crash damage, totaled and completely abandoned.

As it turns out, Brown hadn’t been driving or even present during the incident. He later said his friends had borrowed his sweet ride, and he never realized it had been totaled until he heard from authorities.

Of course, those friends didn’t end up in the headlines about the crash. Chris Brown did, and yet another cringe-worthy incident was added to his public perception resume.

Some trouble brought on himself

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Chris Brown’s run-ins with the law over occasional car-related incidents certainly make headlines. But no headline put a dent in Brown’s public acceptance quite like the charges he faced with his altercation with then-girlfriend, Rihanna.

According to Billboard, Brown was charged with two felony offenses from the brutal argument. He was 19 back then when he was released on bail for $50,000. His violent reaction to Rihanna, discovering another woman’s text on his phone, continues to haunt him today. Chris Brown was arrested, and those startling images of Rihanna’s facial wounds may loom over his career for years to come.

Chris Brown continues to be successful as an artist and has the hardware to prove it. But his track record with the law, and behind the wheel continue to hinder his overall potential. Fender benders and car incidents happen to everyone. However, Brown seems to be either terribly unlucky or may just still be less than responsible with his pricey collection of cars.