Chris Brown’s Ex-Girlfriend & Baby Mama Accused of Pulling a Rachel Dolezal

Chris Brown has a lot to celebrate these days. Together with his ex-girlfriend, Instagram model, Ammika Harris, he recently welcomed his second child into the world. Baby Aeko Catori Brown was born on November 20, 2019. While the baby’s mother and Brown aren’t currently together, they seem to be successfully co-parenting for the sake of the child. Brown’s fans are, of course, obsessed with his son which led them to do some digging. What they unearthed was a copy of baby Aeko’s birth certificate, which makes it seem like Harris has been openly lying about her ethnicity.

Chris Brown ex girlfriend accused of faking ethnicity
Chris Brown | Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images

The birth certificate for Chris Brown’s son

Upon looking at Brown’s ex-girlfriend’s Instagram page, one of the first things you’ll notice is that she openly displays her race in her bio. “Blasian with Cherokee blood,” it reads, meaning that Harris claims to be Black, Asain, and Native American. Harris has also claimed that she was born in Atlanta, GA prior to moving to Los Angeles, CA. However, Aeko’s birth certificate indicated that Harris’s birthplace is Thailand. Furthermore, her last name of the certificate is Pietzker, which she allegedly changed from her birth name, Suryapan, which is Thai in origin.

Ammika Harris accused of lying about her ethnicity

After the information surfaced, fans got increasingly suspicious about Brown’s baby mama and did some digging. They found more evidence that showed that Harris was likely lying about her ethnicity. A while back, Harris posted a picture of her parents who look neither Black nor Native American. “HEART AND SOUL. DAD AND MOM,” the Instagram model captioned the since-deleted photo. Furthermore, one of Harris’ family members tagged her in an old photo where she was younger. But, if Harris is Thai why would she pull a Rachel Dolezal and lie about her race and ethnicity? The answer to that might be her love of Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend, actress Kerrueche Tran.

Harris was obsessed with Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran

Prior to dating Brown, Harris openly showed appreciation and admiration for Tran, who is Black and Vietnamese. Brown’s fans have found several of Harris’ old tweets that worship Tran. “People tagging @karrueche under my pictures so many times but she still not notice me yet. Instagram ain’t shit,” one tweet reads.”Why is @karrueche so pretty, like for real,” another one reads. Harris even retweeted another user saying that she looked just like Tran with the caption “They call me Karrueche’s little sis.” There’s also a tweet of Harris calling Brown her man crush every day.

Fans are not happy about the lies

One course, when Brown’s fans found out about this information they had less and favorable things to say. “So a super fan of Karrueche, but instead of learning from her life, just deciding to step into the Karrueche-shaped hole she left in Chris B.’s life. Okay. Okay,” one fan wrote, citing Harris’ inability to learn from other’s mistakes. “Tragic. Sooo many of these vapid LA influencers make their whole identity about being mixed. Like it’s literally her whole bio. It’s so strange. Sis is straight Thai,” another fan said, calling her out. “I feel like anyone that feels the need to showcase they’re “mixed” in their social media bio has major issues. Lying or no,” another person pointed out.

Harris addresses backlash on Instagram

While Harris hasn’t directly addressed claims that she faked her identity, she did post a statement that likely speaks to the backlash she’s receiving. “Sometimes I really want to explain myself. But then I know regardless of what I do, there are still gonna be people that’s not gonna like me and that’s fine with me. Wish everyone a lot of love and lights,” Brown’s ex-girlfriend wrote. While Harris might be lying to herself and the world, we hope that she shares the truth with baby Aeko, so he knows about his real identity.