Chris Bukowski Is Flirting With Ex, Katie Morton & ‘BIP’ Fans Are Losing It

Bachelor in Paradise alums Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton could never claim to have an easy love story. The former couple hit it off on the beach this past Summer, but there was a lot of turbulence in their short relationship. Things were going pretty well at first, but then Morton told Bukowski that he should date other people if he wished, even though that was in complete opposition to what she wanted. Bukowski, on the other hand, had a tough time opening up to Morton and would pull away from her seemingly for no reason. But, despite the trials and tribulations of their relationship, they left the beach engaged.

Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton
Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Being engaged didn’t magically mean that the couple was going to experience smooth sailing. In fact, the pair had a ton of issues that they still had to work through. This was evident at the Bachelor in Paradise reunion special when Morton came out without her engagement ring. She claimed that she felt like she was putting all the effort into the relationship and Bukowski was doing the bare minimum. Though Bukowski claimed he would try harder, the two were seen arguing in the parking lot just a few minutes later with Bukowski claiming he felt blindsided by Morton’s words and actions.

Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton split

After the reunion special, things seemed to mellow out a bit. The former couple said that they’d learned a lot and were committed to moving forward together. Though they weren’t publically advertising their relationship anymore, other Bachelor in Paradise alums revealed that they had a great relationship. The two were trying to make their long-distance relationship work, as Morton lives in Los Angeles and Bukowski resides in Chicago. However, things just didn’t pan out and just a few months after they got engaged, the couple decided to split up. On December 10, 2019, Morton and Bukowski took to their Instagram pages and announced the split.

Bukowski left a flirty comment on Morton’s Instagram page

Though fans were upset by the split, many of them weren’t all that surprised. Morton seems to have moved on and since then she has done lots of traveling. Most recently, she traveled to Italy with bestie and Bachelor in Paradise alum, Demi Burnett. On February 6, 2020, she took to her Instagram page and posted a throwback picture from Rome. “Comment your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to ✨” she captioned the picture of her sipping some wine. Of course, her fans responded in kind, but one comment that caught people’s attention was Bukowski’s. “Your apartment,” he wrote in response to his ex-fiancée’s question.

Some fans want the ex-couple to get back together

Immediately, fans of the former couple took note of the comment. Many of them offered Bukowski words of encouragement and urged him to pursue Morton. “Cute comment, so tell her how you really feel. I think you have a large support group backing you up. Go for it if you are feeling it,” one person declared. Others urged him to get back together with Morton. “Okay okay, we see you!😍😅 Why don’t u two just get back together?” another fan questioned. “Maybe they already are lol. *crosses fingers*,” another person wrote back in response.

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Other Bachelor in Paradise fans find the comment inappropriate

Of course, not everyone was amused by the comment. Others felt that Bukowski needed to move on and leave Morton in peace. “Move on, bro,” one person wrote. “That ‘your apartment’ reply to her. 🙄Classic hoovering. 😠,” another Instagram user insisted. “That’s fu*king a) rude b) weird and c) the only way you’re trying to stay relevant?” yet another person penned. While it’s easy for fans to make assumptions, there’s really no way of knowing what’s going on between Morton and Bukowski. Whether they’re secretly dating again, Bukowski is trying to win Morton back, or they’re just friendly exes is anyone’s guess.