Chris D’Elia Admits He’s Cheated On Most Of His Partners

In recent years, various allegations against beloved and revered celebrities have come to light. Some of these former favorites tend to issue apologies through public statements and then seem to disappear from the spotlight. These celebrities get placed on a sort of ‘blacklist’ and quickly lose their fan base and sponsorship deals while others try to cling to their careers. Comedian Chris D’Elia found himself facing numerous sexual misconduct allegations against him. While the star vehemently denied the claims, he finally spoke out and made some damning remarks about his sex life while at it.

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D’Elia thinks of himself as a comedian first

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D’Elia ventured into other forms of entertainment, including acting. The star thinks of himself as a comedian before an actor. D’Elia said in an interview in 2011 that although his stand-up career was doing well, he feels like a “stand-up comedian that acts well.” The star’s stand-up career started in 2006 after he made a New Year’s resolution. D’Elia forced himself to get on stage after years of wanting to do so.

The actor said that his resolution forced him to take the stage at least once a year. As it turns out, D’Elia’s new resolution paid off as he started getting featured on various stand-up shows such as Comedy Central’s Live At Gotham and Comedy Central Presents. He got his first hour-long special in 2013 on Comedy Central. After that, the comedian switched to Netflix for three specials.

Although the specials did great among audiences, the project Man On Fire catapulted D’Elia to mainstream fame. Delia’s father interestingly directed all four of the star’s specials. His father, Bill D’Elia, is a renowned director famed for hit shows like Boston Legal and Grey’s Anatomy. Although D’Elia has a Hollywood big-shot dad, he had to make things work through hard work. Speaking to Vanyaland, D’Elia said that most people never understand how difficult it is to get people to laugh.

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Mid-June 2020, news of D’Elia’s alleged behavior broke on Twitter after the star got accused of sexually harassing underage women. The allegations and hashtags against D’Elia started when one woman called Simone Rossi went online to accuse the star of soliciting photos from her when she was 16 years old. Soon other women started accusing the comedian of similar experiences of inappropriate behavior.

When asked about the accusations, D’Elia denied the allegations against him, stating that he has never knowingly solicited underage women. D’Elia continued to state that all of his relationships have been with legal consenting adults. Fans of the star and the series You, which D’Elia stars in, will remember that the comedian played a predatory star whose behavior caught up with him when the lead character used his tactics against him.

D’Elia claimed that he had affairs in his relationships

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After months of silence, D’Elia finally made a nearly 10-minute video addressing the various allegations levied against him. The star titled the video “It’s Been A While,” likely referencing his social media absence since last summer.

In the video, D’Elia admitted that sex played a huge part in how he led his life and explained that he was on a recovery path. D’Elia admitted that his fame made it easier for him to have sex. The star noted that his various sexual encounters made him unfaithful in “most” of his relationships. D’Elia admitted that he cheated on his fiancé, saying that even his feelings for his “dream girl” wouldn’t stop him from having sex.