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The “death” of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is arguably one of the most creative demises ever done in the movies. Having Steve Rogers time-travel back to the 1940s to be back with his beloved Peggy Carter managed to shift everything in whether Cap really ever existed in the post-2011 MCU timeline.

Yet, everyone still remembers his work and existence, which might create problems in what it means in the realm of time-travel changing the past.

In the current MCU timeline, Steve Rogers is now an old man, if perhaps never making himself known for one good reason. Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, may not return based on this clever method, even if it does leave open some interesting possibilities for later.

The rest of the world thinks Captain America is dead

Captain America
Chris Evans | Karwai Tang/WireImage

As Reddit users remind, Captain America was announced dead by the other Avengers to the rest of the world to cover for his time trip to recover his lost life. For the rest of the world, Cap is dead and died at the hand of Thanos.

Marvel allowing this made for a great way to set things up so Evans can still end his role without anybody thinking Cap truly died. However, what about old Steve Rogers still existing in the current time?

Some might think to have him still exist in the present time as an old man is advantageous if the chance ever existed of Evans returning to the role. A convenient method might also be done to make him young again should it ever come around.

Leave it up to the MCU to create such satisfying conclusions that still leave it open for possible returns with more logic than resurrecting a truly dead person. With Iron Man, similar open-ended plot points exist, if never being able to resurrect Tony Stark in his original bodily form.

Is the potential still there for Chris Evans’ return?

Evans has already made it more than clear he felt good leaving the role of Captain America based on where the latter’s story went. At the same time, he did note if there was ever an entryway to doing more, it would have to make compelling sense.

Reddit users above noted Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) turned into an old man, into a baby, then back again through the experimental use of Pym Particles. Having this technology available proves capability is there to take Steve Rogers and make him young again if need be.

If any entrance exists for Captain America to return, this would offer perfect opportunity without causing disruptions of logic. Whether it makes sense in the realm of what Evans would expect in returning is another thing.

Considering the world understands Captain America as being dead, perhaps the psychological reasoning would be to just leave it as is. After all, if Cap were revealed to be alive all along, it could create a whole other problem in ever trusting the surviving Avengers.

What about an old Steve Rogers making a cameo?

One problem with having old Steve Rogers existing in the current MCU timeline is how he can be avoided in future movies without being seen. On the other hand, many have said he is 106 years old by 2023.

Perhaps someone will mention his passing somewhere along the line to seal any idea of Evans returning.

Otherwise, everyone may always question where Steve is during the upcoming Disney+ MCU shows and future movies. Rumors could persist for years of him being seen in numerous scenes. Some already claimed old Steve was co-existing in past MCU films, including at Peggy Carter’s funeral.

What would be most interesting is seeing Steve become Captain America again as an old man, if obviously implausible/impossible. Leave it up to the Pym Particles for possibly being an overly convenient plot device for bringing all the old Avengers back in some way.